I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Friday, October 12, 2012

God’s Protection

By Delores Topliff

God is love—bright, shining, and as constant as the sun. Satan is the opposite—malicious, dark, and filled with hatred—an enemy determined to kill, rob, and destroy.

I learned the difference years ago when college authorities scheduled one English class I taught in a Zoology building due to campus crowding. The classroom space was fine but hallways were lined with glass cages holding lizards, Gila monsters, and poisonous snakes. Male students intentionally rattled cages as they rushed down the hall making agitated snakes strike, eyes glittering, venom dripping down the glass, at females following behind. The boys laughed while the girls shrieked, “Make them stop.” I tried—but failed.

One Saturday my two young sons and I used the campus Laundromat which lacked a restroom. When my 4-year-old had an urgent need, we dashed across the lawn to the Zoology building’s facilities, forgetting all about snake cages in the hallway. Since the building was empty, my 4-year-old took the lead, feet pounding down the hall. My taller 6-year-old raced next, his curl-topped head high enough to create visible motion in front of the glass. Suddenly, SMACK—a wrist-thick ugly timber rattler struck hard aiming right for Andrew’s head, hate-filled eyes glittering, mashed fangs straining, hurting itself as venom dripped down the glass. My hair stood on end. I got cold chills. “Why,” I asked God, “does this snake feel such crazed desire to harm that it even hurts itself trying to harm my son?”

This answer came: “It can only fulfill its evil nature. It can’t do anything else. But remember—though you may see terrible evil near you, trusting Me provides full protection. Though evil strains to reach you, I am the thin glass between you and harm, keeping you safe.

Poisonous snakes? I still dislike them—even inside locked cages. Though we may see the enemy’s plans for destruction, I thank God for protective glass, knowing He stands between us and harm.

When or how have you learned to see evil but not fear it?
Delores Topliff
2011 Genesis Finalist



  1. Delores, thank you for this amazing revelation of the evil that appears to strike, but is thwarted by the protection that only Christ can offer. I loved it and it will stick with me.

  2. Thank you. I assure you that object lesson has stuck w/ me. And Pat, thanks so much for the great graphic.

  3. You're welcome, Dee. I really like what you can do at wordle.com.

    I love the picture of God's protective shield you painted here. Everything I've ever experience and will experience is filtered through God's hands. No matter what, His peace is with me and through that peace, I will come out on the other side victorious. After all, if God is for us, who can be against us?

  4. I liked the word art better than a photo of a snake. Boy, your description painted vivid images in my brain! Thanks for the object lesson. I'm going to share it with my boys in our family devotion tonight!

  5. I love this, Dee. I think it's important that we see evil, right? Because when we recognize what's evil, the light shines even brighter (if that doesn't sound too cliche!)...awesome imagery here. Very thankful for, as you said, God's protective glass!

  6. Such a vivid reminder, Dee, of both the enemy's desire to harm us -- and God's (often) unseen power to protect us.

  7. Yes, Roxanne, if it hadn't been for Pat's art, it probably would have been a pic of a snake. Yes, Melissa, important to see evil but realize it can't lastingly get us--maybe like Paul being bitten by a snake that couldn't harm him. Welcome home, Beth. I'm daily thanking God for His power shield for my loved ones and all of ours. I realize I often hunker down, maybe near the snake cage, waiting for evil to strike, when in truth it's cowering and we're meant to walk upright straight on down the hall to our pre-ordained destination.

  8. Dee, this was powerful. I love, love, LOVE the image of God's protection being the invisible glass that keeps evil from me. I'm with Roxanne. I think I'll be sharing this with my kiddos tonight. :)

    I always love reading your posts. So encouraging and profound!
    Pat, I thought that was wordle. Nice work!

  9. I think simply by KNOWING Him.