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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

March 8th is National Proofreading Day

Delores E. Topliff

Another comment for the preceding is, "Use a comma, fight cannibalism." This event hasn’t been around long, but here’s how it is described in our nation's calendar: “National Proofreading Day is observed each year on March 8th. This day was created to bring awareness to the importance of proofreading. National Proofreading Day promotes mistake-free writing. Carefully review all your letters and documents to make a positive and professional impression. 


In 2011, Judy Beaver created Proofreading Day in remembrance of her mother, Flo. On her website (nationalproofreadingday.com) Judy relates that her mother loved to correct people. Judy thought by creating the day on Flo’s birthday, it would be a fun way to remember her and remind people to take more time to proofread their work.


During the Reagan administration, all of the posters and brochures had been printed and distributed nationwide honoring National Secretary Day before it was discovered Secretary was misspelled.


Once when touring an advertising agency, thanks to many college English classes, I was the one in the group who noticed that the rough draft of a very expensive glossy Oscar Meyer ad, misspelled wieners. Horrors! Thankfully, we corrected it in time.


Autocorrect introduces a greater need than ever for diligent proofreading. Dedicated vigilance is required to avoid some of the worst errors possible. I won’t list some blush-worthy bloopers here, but we’ve all had them.


Therefore, on each March 8th, and on every day between, let’s thank editors everywhere, as well as our friends and family, unofficial editors, who also do so much to help us write beautifully and correctly to produce our very best.


Learn more about this yearly event at http://nationalproofreadingday.com/

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