I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 I’ve been doing a bit of self reflection lately. As a new mom, sometimes it seems like I’m barely holding on. I can do everything, but I can’t do everything well. Something always has to give. Sometimes it’s the housework. A real dinner. The hairdo. The dog’s walk. The bedtime story. And sadly, sometimes it’s the time, or lack of time, I make for my friends.

Confession: I’m the girl who could be perfectly happy in her cubicle at work pounding out emails alone with her iPod and her thoughts. All. Day. Long. I really think I could completely avoid human interaction without trying too hard. But, thankfully, I have friends at work who pop into my cube. Friends who tug the ear buds out and want to hear about my life and share theirs. They make my work life the richer for it.

We all have friends who call just to say hi or say “thinking of you” in a text or on Facebook. But what I’ve been pondering this week is am I that friend? More often than not I wait for my friends to reach out. When was the last time I went to a coworker’s cube just to say hi? When was the last time I invited a friend out to dinner? Friends are some of my most treasured blessings, and I rarely tell them so.

Some of those blessings: meet fellow Ponderer Jen and her husband, Ben!
(And dear hubby, of course!)
Since I am under no illusions that after writing a blog I will transform into Superwoman—able to do the housework, dinners, my hair, doggie exercise, the bedtime story and be SuperFriend simultaneously, I’m going to attack from a different angle. I believe I can do ONE thing well this week. (Okay, I can probably do more, but it’s all about achievability here, people!) This week I’m going to focus on being a friend. I can commit to sending out a note to congratulate my friend on landing an agent. I can genuinely care about my coworkers lives at work. I can tell my friends I’m thankful for them. And I will.

Next week I’ll focus on the housework (I have people coming over, so that would be a good week to add that to the rotation…) Each week I’ll choose ONE THING I want to do well. Hopefully, little successes will build confidence and some of this will become a habit!


P.S. Note the hat in the picture, this takes care of the hairdo, too!


  1. Love the hat, Amy! And how fun to see a photo of Jen!!

    And I love the point of your post--picking one thing to do well. I think I end up at the height of frustration when I try to do EVERYTHING...and then fail and feel like eating a bucket of ice cream. :) One thing!

  2. No matter where we are in life, I think we could all benefit by adding one thing.

    When you're in your cubicle (or wherever) and not reaching out, you don't know what someone is going through.

    I'm glad friends have reached out to you, and you're now being more of a friend. Love this post!

  3. I think you succeed in friendship more than you realize, but great post & content.

  4. Great post, Amy. When my kiddos were small, I got very little accomplished. One friend told me if I crossed off one "to-do" a day that was a productive day. I love your idea of having one thing a week to focus on (being a friend, housework, etc). I can work on that too. Maybe I'll focus on friendship too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Oh so true!

    I have only so much time for social networking, cleaning house, writing, serving the Lord, being there for husband and kid...sigh.

    Something has got to give! Right now it is housework, Lord forgive me.

    Great post! Thanks for the reminder to not be stressed about things.

  6. Hey MTagg,

    Thanks, yes, I very easily succumb to frustration when I feel like I'm dropping those spinning plates.

    We can do it...one thing!

  7. Hey Roxanne,

    Thanks, yes, I'm glad I have good friends who challenge me and my perspective. You are one of those friends!

    Love you!

  8. Thanks, Dee, you are too sweet!

  9. Thanks, Jeanne, let me know how your week of focus goes. I'd love to hear what you choose in future weeks!

  10. Oh Ruth, I didn't even think about social networking. Shoot! I think I'll get there in October at this rate! :(

    Thanks for echoing the reminder back to me: don't stress out!

  11. Put housekeeping waaaaay down your list, Amy. I finally figured out that I clean and everything just gets dirty again, soooo I only clean when I know people are coming! lol
    I don't think anyone's last thought will ever be, Gee, I wish I'd spent more time cleaning. :>)
    Great post.

  12. Absolutely, Pat! That's the thing that I *love* to let slide! Hee hee!

  13. Amy!

    I'm so with you. I would be perfectly happy on a treadmill, reading a good book, listening to my ipod, organizing and working. I even enjoy housecleaning, but picking up the phone to call? My siblings would laugh out loud.

    I'm trying to get better though! Thanks for the nudge!

    Alena T.

  14. Great reminder, Amy! Thanks!