I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Greatest of these is Love

Delores E. Topliff

For years an extreme allergy required me to carry an adrenaline epipen for emergencies. That was after two simultaneous wasp stings to my feet made my head swell huge like Miss Piggy as I started seeing double, unable to distinguish colors, with heart racing off the chart. It took days to recover. Though that sensitivity is neutralized now by many injections for immunity, family members still safeguard me from winged danger.

Recently 7-year-old grandson Rocco was downstairs alone in our farm home when he spotted a wasp! His warning screech ordered me to stay upstairs. He searched for a hammer to annihilate it (I prayed it hadn’t landed on a window), but instead used a book to smash it over and over until it died and he saved me.

In my eyes he’s my St. George the dragon slayer—and I love him even more.
That made me recall accounts of heroines saved by heroes of every shape and size from unimaginable dangers—and the great relief and gratitude that follows.

It doesn’t matter what we’re saved from—large or small hazards or monsters—just that we’re saved. Our relief is real and exquisite. Afterward we view our heroes in a different light: Rocco wears light armor, jeweled sword in hand. After unscrewing his helmet and bowing low, he lays the slain dragon at my feet with a smile as pleased as mine. 

The human condition is fraught with danger. Life’s journey includes meeting and surmounting most, while acquiring skill and wisdom along the way. Helped by family and friends, we often learn we cannot (and are not meant to) meet all challenges alone. Like Jacob at Jabbok, we may first have to come to the end of our strength and confess our name and discover His as we learn to more perfectly trust our truest Best Friend and helper of all.

I’ve been rescued, and been a rescuer—extricating a clinging bat from a screaming college roommate’s hair. I prefer the latter. But life’s gives-and-takes furthers our journey in deepening our relationship with Him who is the Best Friend of all.

What about you? Do you prefer rescuing? Or being rescued? Why? Please share what you’ve learned.


  1. Oh, I prefer rescuing! And that's what made it hard for me to depend on God until the last 10 years or so. But He has a way to make us see our need. And if we don't He will show us again. :-)

  2. Dee, what a beautiful post. I loved reading of your grandson and his rescuing nature. I loved your last line: "Life's gives-and-takes furthers our journey in deepening our relationship with Him who is the Best Friend of all." I'm with Pat, I'd much rather be a rescuer than one who must be rescued. But, I guess there is humility and beauty in each situation. :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

    1. Ditto. It's great that you'll be at the same great DT writing retreat.

  3. Yes, I prefer rescuing, too--but it's such a blessing to be pleasantly rescued when necessary by friends who care and don't mind lending a hand--and it's such an important lesson to learn.
    Thanks also for finding the cute knight pic for this post--it even looks like my little hero.

  4. Hi Dee!
    I could just picture your grandson killing that wasp. I laughed when you said he had a hammer in his hand. How sweet!
    I prefer to do the rescuing. I don't like to "need" anyone which makes life difficult for those who would like to help me, so I've learned how to be gracious to those who reach out to offer a kind comment, a phone call, or a helping hand.
    But I think more than anything I like to write stories about heroines. That makes me the happiest of all!
    Great post. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Ditto, Michelle, what a great solution to write stories about heroines, which come to think of it, is what I like to do, too.
    Have fun plus a Happy Valentine's!

  6. Dee, I enjoyed this post and could easily picture your heroic grandson.

    I'd love to say I prefer doing the rescuing, but I don't like creepy crawlies and have been known to scream until one of the "men" in my house rescue me. (A benefit of having four sons and hubby at home.)

  7. Oh, how I loved this post, Dee!
    And how how I love the bravery of Sir Rocco the Valiant!
    I admit that I like rescuing ... and being rescued.
    And my favorite Bible verse speaks of how God rescues us: Colossians 1:13: For He transferred us (rescued us) from the domain of darkness and delivered us into the kingdom of his beloved Son.
    Ah, isn't that a wonderful truth of rescue?

  8. Roxanne, so glad you're surrounded by worthy knights, and who you influence by your gentility.

    Beth, yes, he's very heroic yet tender--I was in awe of his determined protection. I want him & the Ps to meet at the right time, & I love the verse you posted--absolutely the best rescue of all time!

  9. I love this post, Dee. And I think I've been in both shoes--rescuer and rescuee. Is that a word? Anyway, I sort love the feeling I get from both. But what I love most of all, knowing there's an ultimate Rescuer always, always, always there for me. That truth never gets old...and I want to get better at not taking it for granted!

    1. Thanks, MTagg. I think rescuee's a great word, and, yes, so thankful for the ultimate rescuer who never fails and always does it right (and teaches us to be a bit more like Him in the process.)

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