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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Truth!

Happy Wednesday!

This is Alena!

Have you ever noticed writers typically aren’t the most socially outgoing group?

Especially this one. 

Okay, I love kids and enjoy having them around.  Other than that, give me a laptop, a nice view and a cup of coffee or tea and I’m set.  Best day ever. 

When I found out the next step on my writing journey was to attend a conference.   I was a more than a little intimidated and woefully unprepared.

Was I even ready?

Have to put myself, my baby (aka my manuscript) out there? 

When I found out the cost, I was further taken back.

Was I truly ready to spend the Benjamins? 

Was I serious about becoming a published author?  

Would this really help me become published?

I wasn’t convinced.

But the writer in me kept urging me on.

Do I? Don’t I? 

That pesky voice in my head kept asking questions.

What should I expect when talking to an editor or an agent?

Was I truly ready for this? 


Where can I go to get answers to all the questions I had about writers conferences?

Well I’m excited to say there’s a new book in town, just in time to help those of us attending The American Christian Fiction Writer’s (ACFW) Conference in Dallas, Texas this September – or any future conference, for that matter.

It’s written by best-selling authors Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck, along with the My Book Therapy MBT coaching staff. I’ve had a sneak peek and can tell you it’s to help you be prepared for a writers conference! (Full Disclosure: That may be a self-serving comment since I was one of the writers.)

Here are some of the topics it covers: 

  • Budgeting for a conference
  • Business cards
  • Pitch sheets
  • Choosing the right workshops to attend
  • How to handle yourself at appointments
  • Conference etiquette
  • How to pack for success

To start it off, MBT is offering a free excerpt, when you LIKE their Facebook page (just click).
Alena T.


  1. What an awesome resource. I can't wait to read it!

  2. I wish I had found a book like this before I went to my first conference. MBT knows what writers need to succeed.

  3. Yes, yes, it's such a good book! Buy it, people. You won't be sorry!

  4. Alena, I've been battling some of the same fears as I prepare for my first ACFW that you expressed in your post. I'm going to buy that book. :) Thanks for the review of it. :)

  5. Great post, Alena! And I read the free download. Good advice...got to get the rest of it. Can't wait to see you in Dallas!

  6. Hi Everyone!

    Believe it or not, I can't wait to read the rest of it myself. Very insightful.

    I cannot believe ACFW is less than a month away!

    Praying for all of you that are attending.

  7. Oh I remember all those feelings. My first conference was like living a dream. A room full of people who spoke my language, understood me and heard voices in their heads too and yes, even cried over some of their own scenes. Of course that was just the attendees. The agents and editors were all so giving and helpful too. I love conferences and pray diligently about everyone the Lord wants me to attend. I've met some of the best people and writing friends anyone could hope to have, there.

    Thanks Alena :)

  8. Sounds great. Will help us do our homework in advance to get the most out of this and all conferences.