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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Million Colors

Photo by ariana873/stockxchng.com
By Delores Topliff

Joyce Justice of Portland, Oregon, is my friend and my cousin. Though she lives on the west coast and I’ve seen her seldom since childhood, email keeps our friendship alive. She is truly the most expert knitter I know, a true knit-wit, even recently knitting Britain’s entire royal family.

Her recent report about attending a 2012 Sock Summit with her daughter Eileen contains correlations to life and writing. Joyce wrote:

It was an awesome experience to attend the only sock knitting show on earth. Eileen and I went Friday, although classes and demos lasted for three days. It was well organized with many hundred people attending. I visited delegates from Boston, Salt Lake and Newfoundland, hearing about their projects and classes. Though it was a warm day, many wore hand-knit socks and shawls.” (That sounds like annual national ACFW banquet night when many wear costumes.)

The highlight was the sock museum with actual samples of footwear throughout history. There were 138 display booths from all over the U.S. with shops offering every imaginable color and texture of yarn along with endless knitting patterns, and every imaginable related product.

We learned that the human eye can identify a million colors.

I was grateful for many seating areas to sit and relax.  We especially liked Village Spinning and Weaving in Solvang, California, whose display covered six booths. I found books, tiny size 2 1/2 birch sock needles, and special yarn for two pairs of socks. One will be a light gray heather merino and alpaca blend from Peru; the other has the darker colors of black-watch plaid with a Lurex sparkle of made in Romania.

Though I’m no expert knitter, Joyce’s report made me want to go see all the colors too. Since childhood I’ve tried to describe and name every shade of green—and still can’t finish. The same is true for tints of red and blue -- but even more so for subtle personality variations that differentiate writing characters or real-life friends. There are never any two exactly alike, but all are interesting and delightful.

What about you? Look around today at knitting colors and friends to catalogue their qualities in the accurate, satisfying ways. Have fun.


  1. Living with someone who's colorblind has revealed how often I describe and identify objects first by their colors. Fun post!

  2. Very fun post, Dee! I'm a new knitter, having taught myself a couple of years ago. I've tried to knit socks, but so far I haven't succeeded. That doesn't stop me from buying more yarn though. I love the different blends, thread sizes and colors. The same could be said about my friendships--they come in different sizes, strengths and colors--each one a blessing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dee, I love how you knitted the colors of yarn with the personalities of people together. Such a beautiful way with words you have. Let's see, I'll begin with you: a woman of depth, an encourager who sees beyond the surface to the heart, an amazing smile that lights up her face.

    Now, I'll work on my kiddos. But.....not here. :) Have a great day, Dee!

  4. I knit, but never wanted to try socks. Such tiny needles. I too love the way you knitted the colors with the people. Great post!