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Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Blogging, but Who Cares?

Many bloggers get started and never seem to garner a following.  There are several reasons for this.

Here are a few questions to help you decide the “why” for your blog:

1.     Do you post a link on your Facebook page with a tantalizing hook, or on your Twitter feed and in your email correspondence with other like-minded people?

2.     Are you focused and “on topic” or are you just rambling all over the place? There is nothing wrong with rambling if you are a famous person and the blog is all about you. However, staying focused on what you’ve decided your blog is about helps your readers decide if this is the blog for them. Remember, you have to always be thinking: There are millions of blogs out there, why should they choose mine? What makes mine so special?

3.     Is there anyone else in your interested area who has been out there blogging longer than you have? Could you have them as a guest blogger from time to time, or even once?

4.     Are you paying it forward? Do you frequent other people’s blogs that are like-minded, or relevant, and post comments on their blogs too? (Usually there is a Link option you can fill out that when a reader clicks on it, it leads back to your site or blog. Google helps you set that up automatically when you sign up for a Google account.)

Still not getting traffic?
When you frequent other blogger’s sites, ask yourself what draws you to that particular site? Ask a friend to check out your latest post and be brutally honest with you about whether they would return to the blog if they didn’t know you and why or why not? Friends can tell us things no one else can.

Remember, it takes a couple of years to get a faithful following, so don’t give up just because your numbers are low. Consistency is key. Stay with it. Talk to others around the blogosphere and get their advice.

My friend Michelle Lim has a wonderful blog and she has chosen to remain very focused. Check her out, as well as the rest of the Ponderers. Most have their own blogs as well.

Are you blogging? What are some of your best advice for new bloggers? And what advice did I miss (I’m sure there’s lots)?

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  1. I have been blogging in some form for four or five years. My first blog was art related and it's still going, though it has gone through more than one face lift.

    It has step-by-step demonstrations, art tips and a sometimes column I call The Frugal Artist. The thing that keeps it going is my interest in horses and art. I talk about both.

    Setting up multi-week demonstrations is a good way to build following.

    I've had a writing blog since some time in 2008 or 2009. It's been a more difficult task. Writing isn't visual, so I couldn't just post images of what I was doing.

    I didn't feel I knew enough to offer tips and advice (I'm starting to rethink that), so step-by-steps were out, too.

    I'm still finding my way with the writing blog, but it's starting to come into a focus.

    The best advice I offer is to make sure blogging is really what you want to do and what you need to do. There are so many options available in social media. Consider them all and choose the one or two that fill your needs and fit your personality the best. Learn everything you can about working them for all they're worth, dedicate regular time to them, but keep them in perspective. Don't let other writing duties go to work on your social media.

    Then stick with them.

    If you think blogging is the thing for you, but you don't know for sure, find someone to partner with and start a blog together. If each person writes a post every two weeks and you have a weekly blog post. Each person writes one a week and you have a blog with two new posts a week.

    By the way, group blog aren't a bad way to go, either. Just look at MBT Ponders!

    Make sure the interests are the same or that they bisect each other at some point.

    Or find a friend and ask about guesting on their blog once a month or whenever. That's a good way to get your feet wet, too.

    Whatever you do, patience and consistency are the key. Even over night success often takes years of patience and consistency.

  2. Carrie, thanks for some really good advice! And thank you for your faithful support of MBTP!

  3. I usually send out an email to a core group (and I'm adding your name to it, Ginger!) so I usually get from 10 to 20 responses on my posts. I think my all-time high was when I blogged about how you know if you're a writer--30 responses.

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  5. Thanks, Ginger. Save this good content for a future article or something. Good work! Dee

  6. Ginger, I'll keep these great tips in mind as I set up my own blog. Thanks!

  7. Can I just say how bad I am at this lovely list? :-) But it's great advice, and I plan to do better on my own blog...one of these days. lol