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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sometimes You Have to Want it Badly Enough

With the help of SparkPeople and accountability partners, I’m striving to lose weight. Again. My weight has been a constant battle for the past 15 years . Part of my weight increase stems from health issues, but some comes from liking food and disliking exercise.

Losing weight is more helpful this time because I have a tangible goal—Lakeside Reunion, my debut novel releases this fall. I would like to have a stronger, healthier, and smaller body by my book launch party on November 5.

With SparkPeople and Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds, I’m able to stay within my nutritional limits and strengthen my body in a way that doesn’t feel like work. This time, I want it enough to make it happen.

The same goes with writing.

You’ve heard people say “I want to write a book someday.” The difference between those who do and those who don't is writers write.  

Many wanna-be writers have plenty of reasons—lack of time, lack of ability, lack of inspiration.  

Time is tough when you’re juggling family, work, and life, but it can be done. Several years ago, I worked full-time, went to school part-time, cared for my family, and still wrote. It wasn’t easy. I wanted it badly enough so I did it.  

I hosted a My Book Therapy chat last year about Carving Out Writing Time. FlyLady says you can do anything in 15 minutes. One of my favorite writing tools is a downloadable timer. My Book Therapy offers amazing resources to learn the craft of writing. And inspiration is everywhere.

You may be going through challenges in your life right now—job changes, losses of loved ones, health issues. This post isn’t meant to make you feel guilty about not writing. Those stresses make it hard to focus on a fictional happily ever after. Capture those feelings in an emotional journal to use when you do have time to write. You’ll be able to provide a deeper emotional journey for your characters and a stronger reading experience for your audience.

Stretch your writing muscles. If you want to write, find 15 minutes in your day, and write something. Keep at it each day and soon, you'll see the fruits of your labor. 

Your Turn: Are you a writer or someone who plans to write someday? If you’re a writer, how do you write through the tough times? If you’re not writing yet, but want to, what steps do you have in place to get started? How can the MBT Ponderers help you?

Lisa Jordan


  1. Lisa~

    Thank you for this. I really, really, really needed to hear this. You are absolutely right about needing to want something bad enough, and it applies to everything in our lives. It's so easy to make excuses for why things are not getting done, and I am most definitely the Queen of Excuses.

    I know I want to write a novel, but I worry I don't want it bad enough because I don't work hard as hard as I should to make it happen. I do stretch my writing muscles and write a little bit every day, even if it's just crafting a well written email or book review. I'm looking for ideas for novels 24-7 and I have a notebook of story ideas. Another is full of research for those ideas as well as stuff my hubby and I brainstorm together. I love to help other people brainstorm their stories, but sometimes I think I don't spend the time I should working seriously on one specific novel.

    I don't know if it's ADHD or a short attention span, or the brain injury, but finishing things has never been my strong suit. I get off to a great start but at some point I get stuck and instead of pushing through, I "take a break" and move on to something else. Sometimes I come back to a project or idea, and sometimes I don't.

    The Ponderers have gotten me further in my writing journey than I ever thought possible, and I know you lovely ladies will see me through to publication. You are my SparkPeople. I need accountability. And prodding. And occasionally, someone to grab me by the shoulders (figuratively, that is) and say, "Heidi Michelle, put your butt in that chair and write!" Anyone?

  2. Heidi, when I wrote this post, I worried about offending a few people and you were one of them. I know you want to write. I know you have a passion for fiction. I also know you have gone through many challenges in the past few years.

    Writing is not easy. Whoever says it is--well, they're crazy. For me, every word is like pulling teeth. What I see in my head doesn't transcribe easily to the screen. However, I push through.

    The Ponderers and My Book Therapy have been a catalyst for the turning point in my writing career. Learning about the lie and digging deeper with my characters helped redefine my story and eventually, that story sold. Praise God.

    Break your writing goals down into sizable pieces. You know what you're capable of physically. Find an accountability partner to pray with you and help you through the writing process. It took me over 10 years to get published. If I can do it, you can do! We will be your SparkPeople. Love you, friend!

  3. Thanks, Lisa, for this post. I've been struggling the last few weeks and haven't written anything more than a short book review. It is eating away at me that I'm not producing. Teaching high school science is a REAL stretch for my brain, especially the chemistry in the last month. I go to bed at night beating myself up for not writing anything that day. It's as if two people live inside of me - the teacher who breathes a sigh of relief that something is accomplished each day and the writer begging for a chance to do her job too. I have to find a way to bring them together on a consistent basis.

    Tonight I will set up a schedule. I will stick to that schedule. I will exercise those writing muscles and stretch those brain cells. I will write and I will learn. (I have the themes from Rocky and Chariots of Fire running through my head.) Feel the burn!

  4. So true. You hit a number of nails on the head in this post, nails that needed driving in. Thanks so much, and for leading the way with your own example. (You have worked hard and crafted a book--it is being published, so we will listen!)

  5. Lisa, great post. It was just what I needed to jumpstart back into my wip after having company and more company and horrible weather!

    Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to take a few days off from our work and not feel guilty. Family is important and life happens, but when the last tail light leaves our drive we need to remember our goal to finish the book. lol

  6. "We will be your SparkPeople."
    I think that sentence nails it for a lot of us, LJ.
    Who are our SparkPeople? Who do we have in our lives that encourage us, that tell us we can accomplish our dreams?
    I've had some wonderful people invest in me as a writer (you included) and it's made all the difference! When I've said, "I can't!" they've said, "Oh, yes you can!"

  7. Lisa, what an encouraging post. You're gonna do it! I have found that when I determine I AM going to do something (and like you, have a goal), I find I'm more likely to complete whatever it is.

    As I continue on this writing journey, I know my limitations (two young kids, a husband who travels with some frequency). I learned this year that there were some days that I simply couldn't plan to write. So, I made sure that on the days I could, I did. Now if I can determine to write at least a few days each week this summer! :) I wonder what I'll need to let go to carve out time for writing? :)

    Having a few cheerleaders has also been helpful for me when I wonder why in the world I EVER thought I could do this. :)

    Thanks, Lisa. I so enjoyed your post!