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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Value of Vision

Vision. Planning. Finish line.

Why is vision so important? Vision gives people direction. Vision propels people forward. Vision gives you a reason to plan the route you're going to take to get where you want to go. If people can see the oh-so-important finish line, they work toward it.

My favorite Scripture about vision is Habakkuk 2:2, which says, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” (KJV)

After working in the corporate world, I now work for the family business. I see how important it is to have a vision and a plan for what you want to accomplish. In the family business, we post numbers every week to compare our actual numbers to the company goal. It helps my staff know how well we’ve done--or how far we have to go.

Is vision and planning any different for us as individuals? For our families? For our writing career?


Many of us created New Year's Resolutions. We're already into the second quarter of 2011. Have you accomplished your goals? If so, Whoo-hoo! Do you need to step up your efforts? You can do it. Are you looking at your list of resolutions, shaking your head in despair? Why? You can do this. Adjust.

Let me encourage you. Life happens. Don’t just look at where you are now. Be practical and do the things that are within our control. Make S.M.A.R.T. goals.  This stands for Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Okay, I changed "relevant" to "realistic." I want to do so many things, but I have to be realistic.

One of my goals is to finish my college degree so I can teach college-level students. I would absolutely love to finish within the next five years. Umm, it’s not a realistic goal with my other obligations. Family. Work. Church. And my passion: writing.

How do you need to adjust your writing vision and plan in order to see your vision manifested? I’m running this race with you and together we can reach the finish line. See ya there!
Alena Tauriainen

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  1. Your posts are always encouraging and practical, Alena. Thanks!
    My focus is on one word for the year: Hope. I need to remind myself to stay focused on hope, no matter what my circumstances. There's always reason to hope.

  2. I didn't make resolutions this year. Like Beth, I chose one word. And like Beth, my word is hope too. No, I'm not copying her. After the past couple of years my family had, we needed hope. God provided it so quickly in the new year. I'm so blessed.

    My vision for my writing is to glorify God with my words and to be a light to those in darkness. I'm praying my words will touch hearts and bring hope to the hurting.

    Alena, I admire your desire to get your college degree. Take it from someone who has been there--it's not easy juggling school, work, family, church, and writing. BUT it can be done. I did it and graduated with top honors. It's all in how badly you want it. You can do it. Thank you for another encouraging post!

  3. Alena, thanks for this post today! Sorry I'm commenting so late. This day held a trip to the zoo with possibly hundreds of kindergartners, a spontaneous afternoon with a friend and our kids, music class, supper, and getting tired kids to bed. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement to keep pressing forwards. I also like the "SMART" acronym for setting goals, writing life included.

    With school being over, one of my goals is to begin writing daily again. I know real life trumps writing life, but writing life needs to regain a foothold! :)

    I also appreciate your transparency and sweet way of encouraging nme to keep time with God first in my every day. It sure makes a difference, doesn't it? :)

  4. Sorry to be commenting so late, Alena. The day got away from me yesterday! But I love your post...particularly because my writing vision has been FOGGY lately with so much else going on. And quite often, my goals aren't all that realistic (it's that idealistic, creative side of me pushing me to set unrealistic goals!). But you've inspired me to really focus, figure out what my vision is and then work at it. And...you will do wonderfully with college!!

  5. Alena, I admire how successful you are with all the responsibilities you juggle. Adding college too? I'm sure you'll do as equally well with that.

    After my cross country move, I hope to write daily with SMART goals. Thanks for this timely post!

  6. I'm not late - I've tried for 2 days to post this.

    Great, encouraging post, Alena! Love the S.M.A.R.T. goals...needed that today. I'm like you with so many things I want to do. I have to remember to focus on one thing at a time, finish it before I go to the next thing or I have a dozen half-finished projects around me! lol
    No goals for me this year, either. Only one word: complete. Complete what I start.

  7. I'm so glad to be able to encourage you all! It helps to know we are cheering each other on to the finish line.

    MTagg....I totally understand the "foggy".
    Jeanne...I too feel like too often real life trumps writing life!
    Pat...COMPLETE!!! I'm going to post that right next to "HOPE"

    Blessings to you my friends!
    Alena T.