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Monday, May 30, 2011

Author Interview: Anne Greene (and book giveaway)

Today we welcome novelist Anne Green to the MBT Ponderers blog. Her latest book is Masquerade Marriage (White Rose Publishing, October 2010).

How did you achieve initial writing success?
My first book contract resulted from finaling in the ACFW Genesis contest. My publisher judged my entry, requested the manuscript and sent a contract. I'm a great proponent of writing contests--though I entered many before landing a contract. I'm thankful God turns the water of my talent into His fine wine, like Jesus at the marriage in Cana.
My advice to unpublished novelists? Keep writing, keep submitting. When rejected, pick yourself up, put your broken heart back in place and keep going. Agents can be harder to gain than publishers. Attend conferences with editor appointments, like ACFW.

Your historic novels relate to real-life events and places. Are your characters also based on real-life?
Lovely question. I'm a part of all my characters, including the villains. We all have a dark side we don't let surface. My dear husband, a real life hero, is part of my heroes. Otherwise, my characters are imaginary.

What is your favorite part of writing? Least favorite? How fully do you develop lots before you begin?
My favorite part of writing is the first draft adventure. I'm a total seat-of-the-pantser. I have two vague characters and a setting in mind when I start. With my historicals, I also have the inciting incident--and my characters develop as they respond to that. I simply record what they say and do--like watching a movie. I always keep in mind each scene's goal, motivation and conflict. I don't consider alternate endings, or if the book might have been better if I had done something else. My characters usually find themselves in such bad places, without obvious exits, so I'm relieved when they achieve happy-ever-after.
My least favorite part is publicity, like book signings. I prefer sitting in my cave, writing. But I love interviews where I speak directly to readers, hear feedback and discover what they'd enjoy seeing in the future.

Do you often have a sense of what you'll write next?
I love my characters thoroughly and always plan a sequel or series. I'm planning a three-book series for Masquerade Marriage, as many fans want to see more of Brody and Megan.

Which is your favorite published book so far? 
I love every book and character. That question is like asking parents which child they love most--Impossible to answer.

Visit Anne at her blog. For a chance to win a copy of Masquerade Marriage, leave a comment below, answering the following questions: Have you ever attended a masquerade? What did you wear? If not--if you could attend a masquerade, who would you be?

~Delores Topliff


  1. I look forward to reading your book! It's nice to hear a published author who writes like she's watching a movie. That's how I do it. I see the scene in my head, I hear the character's conversation and just write it down. I've heard a lot of negativity toward this method. Thank you for taking some time to share a part of your writing journey.

    I don't know if we called it a masquerade, but in high school we all dressed up as a fictional character including a mask. We had to guess the character as well as the person's identity.

  2. Dee and Ann, this is a delightfully fun interview to read. :) It's is fun to hear different writers' styles and ways of crafting a book.
    As for going to a masquerade, the only thing I can say I've ever dressed up for was a college Halloween party--I was a punker. :) If I was ever to go to a real masquerade, I think it would be fun to go as Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice.

  3. What a fun interview. And I love how you can't say which story you love more--you love them all equally, just like parents love their children.
    As far as masquerades go, my husband and I attended a Murder Mystery dinner. My designated role was a Goth editor. So, I went in all my Goth glory: white face, black lips, a black wig with burgundy highlights, clunky black boots with 4 inch heels . . .

  4. Love this post, Dee. It's so encouraging to see how someone else made it!

    A masquerade? Never been to one, but if I could, I'd go as Christine in Phantom of the Opera.

  5. Great interview, Anne and Dee. I've never attended a masquerade unless you count Halloween parties as a child. As an adult, I'd probably go as a literary character, possibly Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

  6. What a fun interview! (Sorry to be reading and commenting a day late...) I don't think I've been to a masquerade unless you count a silly college event when we were all supposed to dress up with a country-western flair. Probably, if I were to go to a masquerade now, I'd dress up a Jack Sparrow...throw on some eyeliner, drop some feathers and sticks in my hair, and I'm good...er, maybe that's more costume party, than masquerade...Okay, I'd go as Elizabeth Bennett...and would keep a keen eye out for a potential Mr. Darcy. Ha!

  7. p.s. I had way too much fun thinking about my answer to that question!

  8. THANKS for posting for me, Beth. And I'm glad for everyone's comments--I'll have to consider how I would masquerade. I was once Johnny Appleseed w/ a metal pot on my head, etc., but will have to consider who/where I would be now. Love to all.

  9. Okay, let me see a show of hands of those who would love to see Dee rockin' the pot as Johnny Appleseed!

    ~raises hand~

  10. Fun interview! I love to hear of other seat-of-the-pants writers.

    Like others, the only dressing up I've done is for Halloween. If only I were young enough to get away with it, I'd be Scarlett O'Hara. I love her wardrobe. Green curtains and all!

  11. ~raising hand~
    If anyone could pull off Johnny Appleseed, it would be our Dee!

  12. Thanks for sharing your post. It is interesting to see the thought process that you use when writing. The only time I've dressed up is for halloween when I was younger. Would love to read your book. It sounds very interesting!