I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Monday, November 22, 2010

Reaching Our Prize

As a writer with a website as well as a blog, twitter, facebook and several forum accounts, I admit to one thing...I am a cyber-stalker.

I weave in and out of other authors’ and writers’ websites and blogs, sneak into forum discussions and visit facebook pages and read tweets. All this in a "lurking" sort of way. While doing this, I often ask myself, "what are you looking for?" and most of the time I haven't a clue.

One day my answered changed. I had just returned to work full-time and as I began my usual ritual of web-stalking I asked myself the usual "what are you looking for" kind of question, this time, my answer surprised me. "I'm looking for an easier way to do this... to get published."

An easier way?

I've watched the movies of true-life dramas where men beat the odds to gain the prize. I can't tell you how many times I walked away feeling like "Of course they won, what else could they do." Completely taking for granted that what they did truly was against the odds. Taking for granted the work and pain they went through to get there.

The life of a writer is hard, but when you think of what it took your neighbor to become an engineer or a doctor or lawyer or perhaps a teacher, carpenter or electrician, you'll realize that nothing worth doing is easy.

We have been called to write. There are struggles in everything we do. We learn and grow along with those struggles. We work on our craft, hone our skills and wear out our shoe leather, voices and fingers. We are running a race as it were, pressing toward the mark. God has set the pace for us. He has placed our feet upon the path of our journey and commanded us to "walk and not faint." He is there to pick us up when we fall and guide us when we cannot see. All for this purpose...to bring Him glory.

I am reminded of what He says about us:

"...For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..." Jeremiah 29:11

"Plans to give you hope and a future." He called you to write and it is He who has the plan and because of this, you have hope.

What kind of struggles have you been going through lately?

ginger r. takamiya

During this season the Ponderers wanted to share the things they are most thankful for. Of course we are all thankful for each other, for our families, health, loved ones and most of all Jesus. Those aside, my mind struggles to go beyond the ordinary. So here it is:

My 4th son struggles in school most of the time, trying to understand Math, Language Arts and even Social Studies. I watch that boy well up in tears at times just trying to understand. I see how he fights against the voices that tell him he's stupid. But he doesn't give up. He never quits. He works hard for every average grade he gets and I'm thankful that God has given him perserverance and a love for Him. I don't know what my son will be when he grows up and right now, I don't really care. I'm just glad Gods helps us meet each new school day with the same trust and fervor as the day before. Thank you Jesus for that.


  1. Whenever I read one of your posts, Ginger,I always know I'll come away encouraged!
    Lately I've struggled with balancing it all--and in the midst of it, being thankful for all of it.
    And all of my relationships aren't easy, so that complicates things too. But that just makes me all the more thankful for the relationships I have that are truly founded on honesty and trust.

  2. Oh Beth, you never fail to brighten my day and warm my heart. Thank you, dear friend :)

    My pastor preached on an interesting point Sunday that hit me right where I live. He said:

    "Not only do we have to deal with our own flesh, but sometimes we must deal with the flesh of others. These times provide an excellent way to crucify our flesh."

    Yeah. I had that opportunity all weekend long with my extended family. I'm sorry to say I failed a few times, but I learned a lot through it all.

  3. Your post with the question "What am I looking for?" reminds me how I mean to live a more intentional life. Thanks for the reminder to see what God's plans are me and focus on them and shut out the rest of life's distractions.

  4. Ginger,
    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Like you said, being a writer is not easy, but it will make it all the sweeter when we finally get our first contract!

  5. Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my life verses. When I feel discouraged, I remember the promises God provides in this verse.

    Yesterday our pastor said we can't always change our circumstances, but we can change our attitude. Thank you for such an encouraging post, G.

  6. Thank you, Ginger. Roxanne used the word that I need to take away from this - INTENTIONAL. After all, God is intentional in the way He intends to bless us. Shouldn't WE be intentional in the way we approach our writing? Great post.

  7. Cool post, it's definitely not easy to work towards a dream, especially when so many ideas are dying to come out. Hang in there.

    By the way, since you asked, I'm totally thankful that my wife made it through surgery yesterday without a problem, and that she'll be home in time for Thanksgiving.

  8. Regina, what a wonderful thought.

    Alex, I praise God with you for such a marvelous blessing! Blessings to you and your wife :)

  9. LJ and Roxanne, you both are such blessings to me :)

  10. Ginger, what a thoughtful and insightful post. Sometimes it is so hard to juggle life and the interruptions that keep me from writing, but your post reminds me that God has blessed me with a talent He wants me to share. Thank you!

  11. Wonderful post, Ginger!! The past couple weeks have been weird writing-wise for me, and your post finally got me past my whole, "Why can't I find my groove in this story" whining phase and into, "Why am I doing this anyway?" mode (in a good way). When it comes down to it, God has put stories into my heart - they're the pavement I pound on my way to God's heart. So, maybe the fact that I'm having to work quite a bit harder to find the core of my story this time around is sorta God's way of prompting me to seek Him harder.

    Rambling, rambling...but it's a good sign. You've got me thinking...pondering...:) Thanks, Ginger-snap!

  12. Pat and Melissa, reading what God is showing you really helps me to new insight. Funny how that works. So thank you both for your comments, you have me pondering as well ;)