I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful In Every Situation

My pastor, Jeff Hackleman at Family Faith Church, preached last Sunday. He’s an exceptional pastor. Last Sunday’s message was about thankfulness. No surprise, given the season. He said something and I dutifully wrote it down. I’m sure you have heard it preached before as well. He talked about being thankful “in” every situation, not necessarily “for” every situation.

I pondered that sermon this week. You see, I miss my mom. Cancer took her when I was 18 months old. I miss her more during milestones of life, like the birth of my children.

Now I’m a mom. I wonder if I would appreciate my children so much if I hadn’t lost my own mother. My perspective as a mom is so different because I lost a parent. I appreciate every day with them. I look at my sons and daughters and I couldn’t imagine their lives without me. I give out tons of hugs and kisses--even if my teenage sons don’t necessarily want them. Words cannot express the love I have for them. (Just don’t ask them about their loving mom on house-cleaning day.)

My dad did remarry and he had two more children, Cliff and Andrea. They are amazing. So today I have five siblings, and all of them are precious to me. If my mother had lived, would I have Cliff and Andrea? More time passed and my eldest brother met his wonderful wife through my step-mom. Now my brother and his wife have two children. If my mother had lived, would I have had any of these wonderful people in my life?

So whatever situation may arise in your life, meditate on being thankful. I’m thankful for my mom, who loved me with all her heart while she was alive. I’m thankful to be alive to cherish every moment I have with the ones I love.

I hope you too can be thankful in every situation, even when it's a struggle to be thankful for whatever situation you're facing.

In His Service,

Alena Tauriainen

Prov 3:5&6


  1. Beautiful post, Alena. As a mom, I can totally relate to what you're saying.

    I didn't lose my mom, but there were a couple of decades when her poor choices impacted my siblings and me. I'm so thankful for those poor choices though because they've shaped me into the person I am today. Plus they forced her to her knees at a pivotal "come to Jesus" moment that reshaped her into the incredible woman she is today.

    I'm so thankful for my faith, family, and friends. Without them, I would not be complete.

  2. Thankful "in" every situation, not "for" every situation . . . there's something to think about. To do.
    Timely article for me, Alena. Thank you.

  3. Wonderful post, Alena. Thank you for the reminder to be thankful no matter. Funny, that message has been coming to me from all directions lately!

  4. Alena, thank you for a wonderful post and such beautiful insight into Gods plan for our life. I lost my brother-in-law during one of the darkest periods of my marriage. Instead of pulling my husband and I apart, it brought us back together in a way only God can do.

  5. Blessing to you Alena! A wonderful post. My devotion for today was thanking God in every situations. Like Melissa, that message has been coming from every direction.

  6. Beautiful post, Alena! You gave me a lot to think about as my youngest, Peter, was 12-months-old when my husband passed away three years ago. You radiate faith and gratitude. Thank you for teaching me to be more thankful "for" all God is doing in my life. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. I debated whether to post this one for various reasons. I'm thankful I followed God. I truly appreciate your comments.
    Alena T.

  8. Such a necessary and wonderful reminder. I'm thankful that God allowed a delay in your mother's cancer and death. Where would we be without our dearest Alena? What if...