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Friday, April 6, 2012

Dreams are Seeds from God to Plant for Harvest

by Delores Topliff

Thanks to Beth Vogt for this question from her In Others' Words blog: How would you finish this sentence: Behind every dream there is ...? My answer? A seed planted by God. If we water it, it will grow. If not, it stays dormant.

"Dormant" is a sad word. Sometimes from my computer I notice house plants by a nearby window needing water. Sometimes I get up immediately and take care of them. More often, I intend to act, but don't. I must do more than think about necessary actions to produce results. I have good intentions, but sometimes my plants wilt before I'm motivated. I intend to bring water -- after writing the next paragraph or meeting some other more pressing demand. But if I delay too long, my plants do more than wilt.

Having a dream isn't enough. Neither is admiring it from a distance, thinking, "One of these days I'll do whatever is needed to make it a reality. Any day now, I'll start to do all required."

My Reality Check Manual says we get up-close and personal regarding God-given dream needs. Learn their requirements and time parameters, or our goals won't be realized. There's also no sense of planting perfect dream-seeds in the ground and hoping they'll germinate and thrive on their own. Without care and water, they won't.

Dream seeds will stay dormant, never seeing the light of day, if we don't act on opportunities. Maybe we don't even plant our seeds -- just keep them on shelves and admire them, while promising ourselves, "Someday" -- while our seeds die.

The unjust steward hid his talent in the ground instead of risking investing it for a fair return. His outcome? His talent was taken away, given to someone who would recognize its value and plant and water it faithfully. (Matthew 25:14-30)

Today's your day ... Great stories need writing. Sometimes we read authors and think, "I could do as well." But we'll never know unless we take our dream seeds, seek God's help and start the process of planting and watering.

What dream seed will you plant today? What will the first green shoots look like? Gather storage vessels because your bumper crop is coming.

photo by BeverlyLR/stockxchng.com


  1. Dee,

    I love your image of Dream Seeds. Beautiful.

    And having a Reality Check Manual--that's pretty cool too.

    What an inspiring and motivational post. Love it!

  2. Dee, you always have a delightful way with words.

    I had a slightly different thought about dormant. When I first read dormant, my thought shifted to my bulbs in the flower beds that lay dormant during the winter. Sometimes dormant can be waiting to bloom--waiting on God's timing. That's how I felt my journey happened. I planted my dream seeds, watered them (sometimes with tears), but I had to lay dormant and wait for God's timing for them to grow and bloom.

    Sometimes people allow their fears to keep them from their dreams, and if that happens, maybe their dreams aren't deep enough for roots to grow.

    Lovely, lovely post.

  3. Dee, as Lisa said, you have a delightful way with words. I love the word picture you present with the plants. It's not hard to ignore dreams for "a more convenient time."

    I've planting/cultivating the dream-seed of writing a novel. It's slow going, stretching, humbling, and yet I wouldn't change the character and growth God has begun in me. So, I guess this dream is cultivating me as I cultivate it. :)

  4. Oh, I love this post. Dormant seeds. Waiting to be watered. What a picture of our dreams and desires. And I like Lisa's take on dormant. That's where I am now...waiting for my dreams seeds to bloom!

  5. Thanks, Delores. Since I tend to kill all my house plants either by drowning them or totally neglecting them, this post was easy to relate to. Hopefully, I'll do much better with the dreams God has placed on my heart!

  6. Ah, you've hit a nerve with this writer!

    I can't tell you how many things I've intended to do after (insert the distraction of the moment) only to reach the end of the day and realize how many things were forgotten altogether.

    Including story ideas.

  7. Gals, each of you are wonderful. I got distracted w/ grandkid situations, forgot it was Fri., missed my own post, and your comments--until now! Love your dormant bulbs, Lisa. I'm sitting here realizing my plants need watering right now!!! And I'm right there w/ you to see some of your well-nurtured plants bloom and then produce handsome fruit and seed pods as your published books come rolling down the line--like I received Beth's influencer copy of Wish You Were Here today, and am rejoicing, doing flips, bragging!!!
    Blessed Good Friday to each of you and your families.