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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Preparing for Nanowrimo

Each November, NaNoWriMo inspires writers to crank out that rough draft in thirty days. Chris Baty, author of No Plot? No Problem!, initiated NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month—back in 1999 with twenty-one members. Today, over 165,000 writers participant. 

In 2003, I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, writing furiously for thirty days. At 11 p.m. on November 30, I wrote two words that caused me to burst into tears—The End.

I did it. I wrote a book.

I was a real writer.

My husband said, “I guess you’re serious about this writing stuff.” and bought me a laptop so the rest of the family would have a chance to use the computer.

Participating in NaNoWriMo takes pre-planning. Carving out writing time isn’t always easy while juggling a job, family, church, and extracurricular activities. With a bit of scheduling, it is possible.  

Try these suggestions to meet your Nanowrimo goal:  
  •  Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as you write.
  • Print this out and tape it to your computer monitor or desk where you can see it daily: 

      So, have you signed up for NaNoWriMo yet? I have!   

      Leave a comment along with your e-mail address, and I will put you in a drawing to win a copy of No Plot? No Problem!. Sign up for NaNoWriMo, add me (username LiJo) as a buddy, and I add your name two more times. You have until Friday, October 8 at 11:59 PM EST to sign up for NaNoWriMo and add me as a buddy. I will post the winner of No Plot? No Problem! on Saturday, October 9.

      Also, join us at My Book Therapy for the 2010 MBT NaNoWriMo Celebration. We will encourage one another and earn fun prizes as we strive toward our word count goals!
      Lisa Jordan


      1. Printing up my "Just Type" reminder, Lj! Thanks! Now I need some spare time. LOL. It's always something. I think I may dive into the NaNoWriMo craziness/fun. Who else wants to join LJ and me?

      2. I love NaNoWriMo. This will be my third year doing it. I've finished two rough drafts doing this month long crazy writing schedule. Is it November yet?

      3. I know this can be done. I wrote a 76,000 word novel this summer in 6 weeks. I'm not editing that crazy first draft. I'm a confessed "junkie" for books on the craft of writing, so I'm going to be jealous of the winner of this book...one of the few I don't have!

        I'd almost sign up for this just to be your writing buddy, Lisa!

      4. Beth, sometimes our internal editors freeze up our typing editors. I love NaNoWriMo because it gives us freedom to get the words on the page. I'm glad you like the reminder. :D

      5. Christina, congrats on being a faithful NaNoWriMoer. Those rough drafts are the beginning steps to publication! Consider joining My Book Therapy, if you're not a member already, to get encouragement and chances for fun prizes. Also, what's your NaNo name? I'll add you as a buddy.

      6. Teri, the book is a fun, motivational guide with humor to keep you from banging your head against the keyboard. Check and see if your local library has it. You can look it over and see if it's one you want to add to your collection. You're welcome to sign up for NaNoWriMo and add me as a writing buddy!

      7. Clear, challenging, and even sounds like fun (instead of work.) My problem is I'll be away in Israel Nov. 19-30 but maybe could do for the days leading up to that (and discipline myself to finish later?
        You're a great cheerleader, Lisa!

      8. I don't think I'm ready to do something as big as NaNoWriMo. I already feel overwhelmed between editing my first manuscript and brainstorming on the new one. I'm the kind of person that likes to work on one project at a time. This multitasking is overloading my circuits!

        Ok, I'll stop complaining now. :)

        By the way, thanks for the reminder to Just Type!


      9. Angela, It's perfectly fine to write where, when, and how it works best for you. Besides a NaNoWriMo marathon can be done in other venues if the you ever want to try it.

        Just keep writing, my Genesis finalist friend!

      10. Thanks for the encouragement, Miss Teri! :-)

      11. Dee,

        Even though NaNoWriMo takes place in November, you can do your own writing challenge any time of the year. I did one in August for the rough draft of my current novel. That worked well for me. Now I'm revising and plan to have it ready by December.

        Even though you'll be away, you can do some brainstorming and plotting before you go, and then plan to write in December or January.

      12. Angela, you need to do what works best for you! I'm with Teri on that one. Each writer has her own strengths and knows what she can or cannot do. I'm so impressed with what you've accomplished so far! Great job!!

      13. Great post, Lisa. Not sure yet if I'm going to do NaNoWriMo, but I'm thinking about it. I want to spend at least a couple weeks roadmapping/researching my next book before I start writing it...so, it all depends on if I can get that done before Nano starts...either way, I'll be cheering on everyone who does participate!!!

      14. MTagg, hop over to the MBT forum. We opened a new NaNo discussion. Beth & Susie are planning ways to help participants to roadmap/brainstorm ideas before the event begins. Fun prizes are being considered, too!

      15. I did this last year, and loved it. Can't wait to get started again.

      16. Good for you, Christina! Have you completed the book you wrote last year? Be sure to join us on the MBT Forum for the 2010 MBT NaNoWriMo Celebration. We can be your encouragers as you write.

      17. We've done Nano for several years as a family. It's been a great way to push our writing on to a higher level. We've helped each other ignore our inner editors, understood that absent look in each other's faces, attended write in's, and competed in speed drills together. We've have conversations about characters as if they were real people and have created confusion the minds of people who sat next to us in church, especially when we've whispered about our character's time travel issues. We're looking forward to it again!

      18. I think if we can encourage one another during NaNoWriMo, that will help tremendously. And, NaNoWriMo or not, print out LJ's "Just Type" reminder.
        With NaNoWriMo there's the whole "novel in a month goal," but you can set other, smaller goals along the way too.

      19. Lisa, I love the challenge you present! :) The thought of it scares me, and that may be a good thing! I'm going to pray if this is the year for me to participate and "jump in!" It's great to see the excitement generated by this "lofty goal!" :)

      20. Great post, Lisa! I wish I could do the NaNoWr-thingy but I have 3 craft fairs coming up in November. Wishing you all success as you take the challenge.

        Thanks Lisa for the link to Scene Therapy.