I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Friday, October 22, 2010

Don't Give Up!

Do you see it?

Your mailbox, gleaming in the afternoon sun.

You’ve made this trip a thousand times before, but never with this kind of anticipation. There is something in there you’re meant to see. You don’t know if it’s going to be good or bad. You don’t know if you will cry with happiness or sob over defeat.

You just don’t know.

Rejection is a hard thing to manage in our emotional box. It’s hard because it demands something from us. It demands that we either quit or we persevere and that’s hard no matter which way you land.

And this is where I tell you a poignant story:

There was once a man who was given an amazing talent with words. His master bid him to take this wonderful oratory skill to a far country and warn them of the coming disaster. The man did not like this command, so he decided to run away. The man ended up on a ship where the storms raged, and he was tossed into the sea. Immediately, a large fish came along and swallowed the man. Then, after living in its belly for three days, the man relented and chose to follow his master’s plan. The great fish vomited him on the shore of this land he was originally sent to help. The man used his words to warn the people of the coming disaster, and they heard and obeyed the warning.

Like Jonah and the Big Fish, we can run from the gifts God has given us when the situation becomes far too uncomfortable. If we stay the course, however, the people will listen, and they will be saved from whatever disaster might be coming their way.

Please, don’t give up. No matter what kind of rejection you may encounter.

Don’t give up, because it costs too many…  too much.

Ginger R. Takamiya


  1. Hi Ginger, thanks for the encouraging post. I loved your illustration of Jonah. Sometimes I think we forget that our lives and decisions affect other people too. If we let rejection defeat us, we're not the only ones who are hurt.

  2. I'd never really thought about how my giving up might affect others . . . great thought to ponder on the weekend!

  3. Thank you for an encouraging post, Ginger. Lately, getting my proposal together is overwhelming. Then along comes your post and I realize I can't give up. I have a story to tell others and if I don't send it out, no one will read it. Bless you!

  4. This story actually came to me this weekend when my sister said she was quitting nursing school. The entire family was in an uproar as we knew everything she went through to get there. We gathered around and prayed hard for her and afterward my husband and I had a family meeting and we talked about not giving up. I was so broken hearted for her and I wrote this post. Several things happened this week to put that post to the challenge, but my family has not given up. I'm also happy to report that my sister has not given up either. Apparently she said all this as a psychology class assignment. So now I just have to ponder, "Thou shalt not murder" a bit more this week :)

  5. Don't give up is such great advice. Often when writing overwhelms us, it's easier to run and hide from it. I'm in that place right now. Thanks for the encouraging post.

  6. Ginger, I so loved this post! BTW, what a cute mail box! Too bad they don't make community mail boxes look that nice. :)

    But seriously, I never thought before about how rejection does require (not request) a response from us--quitting or persevering. Thanks for that perspective! I also had not considered the idea of "running from God's gifts." Thanks so much for making me think today! See you soon!

  7. Jeanne, you can admire the mailbox. I was trying to get a closer look at the house. lol.

    Good post, Ginger!

  8. Me too, Jenness! San Francisco, maybe?

  9. Thanks ladies. I got the picture from a website that sells mailboxes. apparently their picture was for the taking on another site too.

    I like the house too.

  10. Ginger,
    Wonderful article. Great timing, I've been pondering my commitments, time and what's necessary and what's not. God gave me a desire to write and I am encouraged He will make a way!

  11. Awesome post G, you have such a great way of putting a brand new perspective on things.

  12. G, thank you for reminding us to never give up the gift God gave us to write. Ok, God... I hear you!