I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good Writing Examples from the World’s All-Time Bestseller

No, it’s not the Harry Potter series. Those books would come in at a distant second.

The world’s all-time bestseller never needed promotion or a marketing campaign. In fact, many folks, even today, have suffered for the privilege to own it. One researcher estimates there are over 6 billion copies in print.

The name of this bestseller?

The Bible.

I understand that the Bible is much more than literature. It’s the living and powerful Word of God. But still, it makes sense to me that the “God-breathed” book would also contain great writing.

I’ve often taught my students that the quickest way to improve their writing is to use vivid verbs and specific nouns. So let’s take a look at the verbs and nouns in a single chapter of the world's best selling book. Here’s a quick list from Job 39.

Verbs: scorns, explores, searches, bind, harrow, flap, abandons, forgets, tramples, lifts, laughs clothe, leaps, rattles, races, scents, soars, mounts up, lodges, spies out, suck up

Nouns: mountain goats, wild donkey, wild ox, threshing floor, ostriches, plumage, snorting, quiver, spear, javelin, thunder, hawk, cliff, crag

If you’d like a quick-fix to your writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, check your verbs and nouns. Make the verbs dynamic and the nouns specific.

What others methods would you suggest for a quick remedy?

Have your ever looked at the Bible as, not only God's Word, but as great literature?


  1. Great post, Teri! The Bible is our guide to living in this world. And there are some really good visuals--mount up on wings of eagles...run and not get weary...when King Jehosaphat sent the chorus out before the army...

  2. The best lessons come from the Bible...even if they are grammar lessons! What a great post Teri!

    1. It's an amazing book! You can even consider the variety too: history, poetry, prophecy, biography…it's the Book of all books!

  3. Great post. Yes, I was privileged to put together a course on Chris. Literature, solidly based on the Bible as Lit. foundation & taught in several Chris. colleges--such great inspiration in so many genres there--thanks, Teri.

    1. Wow, I would have enjoyed sitting in on that course! And the Bible's just plain well-written! Best of all it's God-breathed!