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Friday, January 13, 2012

Need a Change in Your Life? Just dream.

The hardest thing about a dream is the process. The series of events that lead up to the realization of your dream that rips your life from its moorings and changes you.

It takes work to fulfill a dream and sometimes we have to stock up on supplies of courage, determination, and grace just to get through.

A year ago this week I had my first interview for the job that moved me across country to Nevada. Even as much as moving west had been a dream of mine and my husband’s, there were days I wanted to run back to the shelter of familiarity, much like a child runs home to their mother. Thankfully, those days are becoming less frequent.

My adventure in writing has been like that too. A dream I've had since grade school--to write a book. Be published. Be an inspiration to one lost soul.

Yeah right.

Much to my dismay, there were days I threw up my hands and stomped away from my computer unable to put together one coherent sentence.

Whatever made me think I could write?

Then hours or days later I’d slip back in front of the keyboard and much to my amazement punch out a whole chapter or scene.

The human spirit is undeniably strong when faced with adversity and change. To achieve a dream we need to embrace change and grow. But it’s painful, exasperating, and emotionally challenging.

As writers we are dreamers, we do our best then often fall on our face. The key is to pick ourselves back up and start over. Look at Olympians that train for hours a day for one race, one game, one chance at the gold medal.

What if they had given up?

You have a dream. A chance to change. Don’t give up.

Teddy Roosevelt is an inspiration to me. Here is one of his quotes: “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

Hold the course, keep on keeping on, don’t give in, don’t give up. We’re in there with you, rooting for your success.

This month is all about change. So what was the dream that changed you?

Jennie Atkins


  1. Wonderful post, Jennie!

    Like you, I dreamed of writing a book. I had numerous challenges and roadblocks, but continually pushing forward allowed to me to celebrate the realization of that dream.

    Thanks for the reminder to keep pressing on and training for the prize.

  2. Dreams keep us motivated and pressing on, and sometimes that's all that matters. And Lisa, it's wonderful to hold the fruition of your dream in my hand!

  3. Inspirational post, Jennie! Sometimes it would be so easy to give up, do something else...and I do. But not for long. The story calls me back...

    Like you, I've wanted to write a novel since grade school. It was like an itch I couldn't scratch. Then, when I was going through a bad time emotionally, these people set up house in my brain and wouldn't go away until I told their story. I would lay awake at night, plotting it out. Pretty soon I started putting it down on paper, and then I sold a short story. And it was like Yes!
    That's been many, many years ago, but that's when my dream was born.

    I've always said that writing about murder saved my sanity.

  4. Becoming a teacher is the first dream that changed me, many years ago. But, becoming a writer has changed me in unexpected ways. Picking up the pen after dreaming about it in junior high has placed me on an amazing journey.

  5. Great post, Jennie! My writing dream has been around for most of my life...but it started to change me when I got serious about it, actually started working at it. Another dream that changed me is travel...in college I studied abroad and it absolutely changed my faith, my view of the world, and yeah, my fashion sense, too. :)

  6. Lisa, It was so inspiring for me to see your book on the store shelf...and a huge motivator!!!

  7. Teri,
    I agree. Seeing Lisa's book in my hand and on the shelf pushed me forward toward mine. It made me realize that with a lot of hard work, I could be published too!

  8. Pat,
    I agree that writing gives me a creative way to keep my sanity!!!

  9. Melissa,
    I always thought that when I married, I would travel...I guess I should married a man that liked to travel. So one of the first times I ventured out by myself (without kids) was to a writers conference, and I loved it!!! I've never traveled internationally, but I'll have that opportunity soon.
    I love seeing new places and meeting new people.

  10. What a wonderfully encouraging post, Jennie. This one's a keeper.
    A dream that changed me?
    Believing I could change from who I was to who I wanted to be. Leave some of my "life" baggage on the carousel and move on ... walk in freedom.

    And, yes, the dream of writing. That sat on the back burner for quite a few years while I learned how to be a mom. (I had a lot to learn!)
    But then came the day that I thought, "It's time to pull that dream back to the front and turn up the heat."
    And, oh, what fun it's been. Hard work? Yes. But what I've learned and the people I've met along the way -- so worth it.

  11. Jennie,

    It is a process to get to the finish. I'm going to keep at though. I know when I cross the finish line, it will have been well worth it!


  12. I, too, share the dream of touching souls with my words. I picture myself speaking to young people, for that is the end product I most desire. There was one moment that God told me He wanted me to write that changed the game. But, still, I falter and have lapses in faithfulness. BUT I HANG ON TO THE WORDS HE USED, reading them every time I need to grow my faith and faithfulness.

    God also planted a dream in my heart to move my son and I while dealing with health issues, and in the middle of my divorce, but He did it in such a way that I KNEW it was going to come to pass. I never had a moment's doubt, though no one else thought it would happen. It was the first dream I ever had that I knew was going to happen. Pretty cool, huh?

    Thanks for reminding me, Jennie, that with God ALL things are possible!!

    This is a fabulous post, and exactly what I needed to read tonight!!

  13. For me, it was the dream that God could use even me to touch someone else's life. To equip me with His words to teach and write...I am still amazed!

  14. Wow, w/ 3 grandchildren here thru Mon., I missed your post & yesterday's until now. You include wonderful encouragement & wisdom here. Thanks so much.