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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alex Trebek would be proud! (an interview with our 100th follower!)

Something momentous happened last week. And no, we're not talking about National Potato Chip Day – though, technically that took place last week, too. Hopefully you munched on some Ruffles in celebration.

But no, we're talking about something even snazzier than National Potato Chip Day...and that's this: the 100th follower of the MBT Ponderers! We were excited to see our “follower” number hit 100 last week, and to celebrate, we've decided to interview said follower. If you've been around the Ponderers' block before, you've probably seen her name in the comments section: Angela Bell.

We learned last week that Angela's a big Jeopardy fan. So we've decided to conduct this interview Jeopardy-style. Make sure to read to the bottom because we want you to participate, too!
Let’s get started!
The category for today is: Fun Facts About Angela.

Clue 1: Angela’s favorite Bible verse is located in the Old Testament in this book that begins with the letter J.
Answer: What is Jeremiah 29:11?

Angela says, “Jeremiah 29:11 carried me through a rough time in my life when I was unsure of the future. Even now when my dream feels unattainable and the future uncertain, Jeremiah 29:11 reminds me that God’s plan for me includes hope and a good future.”

Clue 2: If given an unlimited travel fund to research a story location, Angela would travel to this Mediterranean nation famous for its architecture, mythology, and feta cheese.

Answer: What is Greece?

Angela says, “There are many counties I’d love to visit, but Greece would be my first choice. I’ve wanted to visit Greece ever since I studied ancient history in high school! :) I’d use the trip to do research for a Grecian inspired science fiction or fantasy world.”

Clue 3: Angela, a creature of habit, has only one writing spot. Rose colored paint, ballerina figurines, and antique books are a few of the items you’ll find here.

Answer: What is Angela’s bedroom?

Angela says, “I live with my parents, one brother, two sisters, and three silly dogs. My options for quiet writing spaces are limited, so I write in my room. Door closed. Propped up on a stack of pillows. Computer perched on my lap desk. Not as picturesque as a patio overlooking snow capped mountains, but it works.”

Clue 4: Angela’s new blog for teens, Chosen 129, is inspired by this Bible verse.

Answer: What is 1 Peter 2:9?

Angela says, “Chosen 129 is fueled by a desire to inspire teens to live with purpose and passion. My hope is to provide weekly posts that encourage teens to seek God and make Him a part of their everyday life. I picked 1 Peter 2:9 as my blog’s theme because I loved its encouraging message. We’re not insignificant. We’re chosen!”

Clue 5: This color found throughout nature is Angela’s favorite.

Answer: What is turquoise?

Angela says, “One day I’d love to own a turquoise 1950’s Thunderbird car. Hey, a girl can dream.”

Clue 6: In 2010 Angela read this fairytale retelling and added its author to her list of favorites.

Answer: What is The Healer’s Apprentice?

Angela says, “I had the pleasure of meeting the author of The Healer’s Apprentice, Melanie Dickerson, at the 2010 ACFW conference. I can tell you, Melanie is just as lovely as the beautiful story she’s created.”

Final Jeopardy Question!!

Clue: If Angela could spend a day as any character in any book, she’d choose to step into the dancing shoes of the heroine from this 19th century romance novel.

Answer: What is Pride & Prejudice?

Angela says, “Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. I’d loved to be Elizabeth Bennet for a day to enjoy her gorgeous wardrobe, have a perfect English accent, and to see the beautiful green country side. And of course, I’d really love to dance with Mr. Darcy! :)”

All right, it's your turn to answer the Final Jeopardy Question! If you could spend a day as a character in any book (okay, movies can count, too), who would it be? Extra kudos for those who answer in Jeopardy format...:)


  1. Nice to meet you, Angela. Congratulations on being the 100th!

    Who is Richard Castle?

    That is a tough question since I have many favorites. Oooo...maybe it should be Who is Leroy Jethro Gibbs? Or one of my new favorites...Who is Steve McGarrett?

    Okay, I'll choose from a book. Who is U.S. Marshal Marcus O'Malley? I love Dee Henderson's series, but Marcus is my favorite.

    Now, how do I get my brain away from all those tidbits to focusing on Earth Science? *sigh* Off to teaching.

  2. Hey, Angela! Glad you're here.
    As for what character would I want to be:
    Who is P J Sugar? I love this character! Would love to see more books on her.

  3. Pat stole my answer!! Was totally going to say, "Who is P.J. Sugar." Hmm...pondering a new answer...

    Got it! Who is Anne of Green Gables? Frankly, I prefer movie-version Anne to book-Anne simply 'cause in the movie she writes a book and in the book she pretty much sticks with teaching...either way, though, she ends up with Gilbert Blythe. :)

    Thanks for the interview, Angela! Glad we'll get to see ya again at the 2011 ACFW conference!

  4. OOh, PJ's been taken and so has Anne with an "E."
    OK, how about Who is Jackie Pert Harrison?
    She's the heroine in Siri Mitchell's book "The Cubicle Next Door," which is one of my fave reads. Jackie has her issues (don't all heroines?) but she stands up for what she believes too & she wears really cool hi-top tennis shoes! (One with flames!)

    Loved the interview, Angela, especially your dream car!

  5. Hello, Christine! Your first two answers are characters from my two favorite TV shows, other than Jeopardy of course. ;-)

    I love Castle and NCIS! If I could be a character from either of those shows, I'd be Abby from NCIS, or Kate Becket from Castle.

    Have a blessed day teaching Earth Science!

  6. Hi Pat, Melissa, & Beth!

    You all wish to be P.J. Sugar, huh?

    Hmmm ... pondering a solution to this dilemma...

    Aha! If you can only spend one day as the chosen character, then *drum roll* each of you can be P.J. Sugar for a day! :-D

  7. Okay. Answered the question too early in the morning, BEFORE the coffee. I thought it asked who I would want to spend the day WITH not AS. lol

    That's even more difficult to answer. I have too many favorites.

    I'll have to come back to answer that one.

  8. Ahh, Angela, my super-duper favorite student (along with several others!): I'd like the spend the day as....Piper Sullivan since Nick was totally cool in Reclaiming Nick.

  9. LOL, Christine! :-)

    Hi, Miss Teri! I'm thrilled to see you here. Sending lots of love to a super-duper teacher! *Hugs* :-)

  10. What a fun interview, Angela! And, for the record, I think the question does say "as"....
    So, since Anne with an E has been taken, who is Penny Lane?
    She is a fun character from Sister Chicks on the Loose, a book by Robin Jones Gunn. She is spontaneous, confident and a wonderful friend. She comes to terms with some things from her past,and I like her. :)
    Thanks for making me think about some of my favorite characters!

  11. This post is creative and so full.
    A job well done on your part, Melissa, and Angela's. THANKS!