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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One More Day Left to Enter the MBT Frasier Contest!

Considering entering the 2011 MBT Frasier writing contest? My Book Therapy (MBT) Voice Michelle Lim says, "Being a bronze medalist in the Frasier last year really helped me to get the invitations to send my work at the national ACFW conference. Besides, the feedback was great!"

Pat Tranium, who was one of the top five finalists, says, "You get such good, constructive feedback from the judges. Now to just finish the pesky 500 word synopsis ... "

The 500 word synopsis is a requirement this year, but it does us good. Whether our WIPs are complete or not, each synopsis shows (not tells) the judges where our story and characters are going. The synopsis also forces us to plot well-thought out story journeys, including intriguing inciting incidents, and guarantee a satisfying final destination.

As posted on MBT's website, Susan May Warren developed the Frasier to provide a further opportunity to help authors "grow in their writing craft! And one fo the best ways to get unbiased feedback is to enter a contest. Agents and editors agree that writing contests are the perfect way to: 1) Get feedback from professionals on your manuscript and 2) Start a buzz for your work among the gatekeepers."

Susie, her husband and children served 10 years as committed missionaries in Far East Russia. I believe her best-selling novels and MBT are an extension of that committed missionary heart to "get the Word out"--the means and method for doing so have simply changed and enlarged. Besides seeking principle-filled inspiring stories from God, Susie's nurturing a growing army of skilled writers who also desire to express God's truth.

The book of Revelation describes "the flood out of the dragons' mouth." God's antidote is a river of life proceeding from His throne filled with inspirations revealing Him. Our part is to listen, pray, craft, refine and deliver the writings He inspires. Just as various Bible books reflect the personalities of their writers, our writings convey God's inspiration shaped through our life experience.

Your assignment? Pray, listen, work, write and rewrite, edit and polish, and study submission guidelines. Then pause, pray, hit submit and enter the Frasier. Last step? Wait for the helpful, honest feedback you'll receive from the judges.

Delores Topliff

CONTEST WINNER: Christine won the copy of debut author Linda Yezak's Give the Lady a Ride. Christine, please email your snail mail addy to Beth at beth@bethvogt.com so she can put your copy of the book in the mail! Congratulations!


  1. Dee, great post! The Frasier is absolutely the best contest to enter. Another thing the comments did for me: they let me see if what I wrote was what I meant to write-did I clearly convey the emotion my character felt. The comments from last year helped to take my writing to another level!

    So glad you're home!

  2. Yeah! Free book! Thanks!

    I'm trying not to stress over entering. It can't be any worse then what I went through last night. An agent asked to see the next 50 pages of my manuscript. (Yeah!) I went through it line by line, tweaking, agonizing over word choice and sentence structure. I compiled it, attached it to the email, and stared at the send button for 5 minutes. As soon as I clicked send, I was sick to my stomach. A few hours later, I went back over my synopsis and nearly lost it. I found two typographical errors. Auuugggghhh!

    So, before I hit send to enter The Frasier, I will have no fewer than 5 people read it over thoroughly. Then I can stress out over waiting for TWO results.

    Those of you who have been doing this for years, how do you do it? Does it get any less stressful the more you do it? Or do you just buy stock in antacid companies?

  3. Those of you wondering, "Should I or should I not enter the Frasier?"
    Yes, you should.
    'Nuff said.
    Christine--you could always resend the corrected synopsis.
    Or pop a Tums and let it go.
    Typos happens.
    Praying for the editor gives you grace (we do know what grace is!) and asks for your ms.

  4. I have MAJOR stock in Tums. lol. Not really. Always remember it's in God's hands. He gives favor. And agent's are human. And like Beth said, you can resend it. I have. Numerous times. Oh, btw, after I hit send on the Frasier and was getting the Touched by Love entry ready, I found a typo on page 6 of the Frasier. Emailed Susie and asked if I could resend. She said I could.

  5. Sent one.


    Waiting on the answer to a question before sending the other. I asked in the forums on Monday but no answer yet so I'll ask here...

    Prologue or first chapter? Or is it our choice? I'd prefer the first chapter personally... Much better representation of the book, plot etc. than the prologue...

  6. Carol - I asked this before the chat started. Send the chapter. Best wishes!

  7. Thanks Christine!

    Casey Herringshaw said it had been answered but we couldn't find the answer. She thought that's what it was though... :)

  8. Dee, thanks for the post. I so appreciate your words of encouragement. Christine, Pat, Beth, thanks for the reminders that it's okay to be human. :) Mistakes happen. It's nice to know that there are ways to move beyond them. :)

  9. Yes, Carol, send the chapter.
    And if your question gets lost, i.e. not answered, send someone a private message--me, Lisa--someone will help you.
    Yay for entering!!

  10. Dee, great post. Entering contests takes courage. Getting the feedback can be discouraging, but most of the time, it's to help you grow as a writer.

    Praying for all of the Frasier entrants!!

  11. Okay, I did it. I sent my entry. I also stopped by the store and stocked up on several kinds of antacids! LOL I almost chickened out as my cursor hung over the send button. Thanks for the encouragement to do it.

  12. Appreciate the comments and look forward to hearing everyone's results :)