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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rewriting Another Person's Story

By Jennie Atkins

Have you ever watched a movie and wish it ended a different way? Or that there was a sequel to right all the wrongs in the plot? 

One such movie for me is the 1987 version of The Quick and the Dead starring the western heartthrob Sam Elliot.

It is about a green-behind-the-ears eastern couple (played by Kate Capshaw and Tom Conti) wanting to make their mark on the wild west of the late 1870’s. They roll into a town occupied by rough group of hooligans eager to rob the tenderfoots of their possessions.

In steps tall and lanky Sam Elliott. He helps the couple through many scuffles with the outlaws.  But loses his heart in the process. Sparks fly between Sam and Kate’s characters, and although he desires to scoop her up and ride off into the sunset, he doesn’t.  He is a gentleman putting the needs of others before his own passionate desires in typical Louis L'Amour fashion.

I couldn’t help but wish that sometime in these character’s futures they would meet up again, sans the husband played by Tom Conti and play out a sequel where the strong western woman tames the rouge drifter.

I imagine this is where sequels take shape in the mind of one author wanting to change what was done in the first place. 

So how about you?  What movie would you do differently?

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