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Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Qualities Should a Hero Possess?

By Jennie Atkins

For Father’s Day I purchased a complete set of the TV series M.A.S.H. for my husband. Every night we watch one or two episodes. As a result, I’ve gotten to know all the characters fairly well—and we are only on season six of eleven.

Enter Benjamin Franklin Pierce aka “Hawkeye”. Although his secular character drinks heavily, parties frequently, and has women in and out of his tent on a regular basis, (none of these characteristics I recommend), I have been fascinated by the hero buried underneath his playful personality.

So what makes a good hero? A man can be obnoxious, unpleasant, a practical jokester, and even a person that makes the heroine extremely angry. But his redeeming qualities are what differentiate him from a man who is non-hero material.

Here is where Hawkeye comes in. Despite his bad tendencies, he has a set of values that balance him.

A sense of humor – Hawkeye can be a prankster, but he can also laugh at his own mistakes, make other people laugh, and doesn’t let the appalling conditions he is working in affect him. This is not to be confused with someone who doesn’t care, but someone who doesn’t let the circumstances drag him into the pit of despair.

Dedication – Hawkeye can jump into a jeep and put himself into harm’s way all to save a patient. He is openly concerned about each soldier he has operated on. His dedication to his job isn’t just about his position. It’s one of his core values.

A good friend – Just under his dedication to his profession is his willingness to help his friends. He is a confidant, provides solid advice, and is always willing to help his fellow comrades.
Cares for others – Hawkeye deeply cares for others. He can transform from a jokester to a concerned individual in a heartbeat. He’s not so self-centered that he doesn’t see when others are having a bad day. He’ll stop everything to be at their side, listen to their problems, or see them through their darkest hour.

Fights for the underdog – Hawkeye has his boxing gloves ready to go. He’ll stand by almost anyone if they need defending. Except of course Major Burns!

These are only a few of the qualities that I believe sets a hero apart. Others would be God fearing, loyal to his family, and a good listener.

Now it’s your turn—what qualities do you want to see in a hero?


  1. Like Hawkeye, my hero has a sense of humor, dedication and loyalty. He also believes in the Heroine, especially when she's not sure herself, and helps her achieve her dream. He's committed to God and making his corner of the world a better place.

  2. Jennie, you pretty well covered them! Many of Hawkeye traits are great for the hero...would give him a different weakness, though. :-)

  3. Jennie, I used to LOVE MASH. Loved it. I also love the way you brought out Hawkeye's noble characteristics. Makes me want to watch the series again. :)

    I'm with Pat, you pretty well covered important heroic characteristics. Roxanne added to them. :) Great post today, Jennie!

  4. Great qualities, for sure! I would also give the hero a flaw, or a weak point, or a need. I'd give him some room to grow. Someone who is too perfect could be totally irritating.

  5. Roxanne,
    I like your comment "he believes in the Heroine". That is so true! Its one I'll add to my list!

  6. Pat,
    Yes! I agree, I'd give my hero a different weakness! LOL

  7. Jeanne,
    You want to know a secret? Yes, I purchased the CD's for my husband, but I think I'm the one that likes the series more! :-)

  8. Teri,
    I totally agree! That would be one of the other characters in the series...Charles Winchester III!

  9. Jennie, I love the qualities you described. I remember MASH from my childhood, but I haven't seen an episode in years.

  10. My heroine is plucky, fun loving, kind, naive, heartbroken, ambitious and adventurous, not to mention hopelessly lost :) A good hero is one we can root for and relate to :-)