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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Hardest Part About Being a Writer

(Hint: it’s not grammar.)

Face it. Writing ranks right up at the top of the list of difficult tasks for many people.  It scares folks.

But the hardest part about being a writer isn’t grammar or spelling. It’s not even criticism although that does sting from time to time.

And believe me, the hardest part isn’t coming up with new ideas.

To be honest, new ideas create the most trying aspect of being a writer. Ideas! Those voices inside our heads keep popping up.  They never stop. Just as we try to relax for a moment, the topic of the next blog post pops into our head. How many of us get the next best idea in the shower? We begin to fall asleep and—bam! The next chapter of our book unfolds in our heads. Of course, we have to get up and jot it down.

Then a rebellious character says something we hadn’t planned at all. It takes us in a new direction.  Rewrite!

Well, type away. Oh! An idea for a brand new book intrudes in the middle of the scene!

So I suggest that the most challenging part about being a writer is that the voices never leave our heads. The intrusion never stops.  

But it’s also the most exciting part. We cannot shut out those voices anyway, so we embrace them and keep a pencil handy. Besides, for a writer, there's nothing worse than for the voices to go silent. 

Do you agree? If not, what makes the toughest part to you?


  1. Your words are very important; not only in relation to writing but regarding all aspects and challenges in life. Acceptance and integration are the keys to growth, not denial nor swimming against the tide. Go with it. While it may be frightening and not normally the way we approach and deal with 'things', it may be the best and joyful 'happening' we encounter. There is a concept in the discipline, 'Quantum Physics' that addresses the importance of the 'wave'. The goal, is for the 'wave' to be the 'wave' and not collapse for as long as possible. The 'wave' represents 'options'. Once we collapse the ‘wave’, so to do we end all further possibilities. These are the thoughts that came to mind while reading your 'Post'. Thank you. I hope that you all have a 'Blessed Day'!

  2. Thanks for your thought, Mary. I never thought I'd see the day when Quantum Physics would score a point for writers!

  3. I so agree with you, Teri! It's difficult to stay on track with so many stories vying for your attention. I jot down the voice that won't go away along with a brief description of the story and then go back to work on what I'm supposed to be working on. :-)