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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Write it, and they will read it - Write it well, and they will even buy it

Delores E. Topliff

This blog post demonstrates the importance of perfect word choices When authors discover a great title, they should stick with it! They should not publish until their title is the perfect giftwrap inviting readers to open and explore the contents of their book.

For example, greatly loved titles would be very different and might not draw crowds of adoring readers, if even one vital word were changed . . . Below are examples, 
(My apologies in advance--occasionally after too much college grading, book editing, or grandmothering (well, not too much, but a heavy flurry of challenges), my mind frays these directions for recovery. Your comments are appreciated. Create your own hit titles (or near hits) and send helpful comments (or convalescent bouquets) toward my therapeutic recovery.
And at the end, I give an affectionate nod to two of my favorite author friends.

Graves of Wrath
A Snail of Two Cities: A slow and Moving Tale
A Fail of Two Cities: Current U.S. Utilities Reports from Flint, MI and . . .
The Agony and the Eggstacy -- An Egg Production Manual
Nothing Grows in Brooklyn - An Analysis of Failed Parks and Recreation Policies
How Brown is My Valley - Welsh Environmental Applications of the Above
Mutiny in the County - When Suburban Living Pressures Build to the Levels of Crowded City Populations, People Snap
Great Exhalations - Studies in Deep Breathing
Found with the Wind - The Benefits of Offshore Wind Patterns in Delivering Flotsam, Jetsam, and Other Marine Debris to Public Beaches
Tom Slow - Self-explanatory
Big Women - A Subject Increasing in Popularity

The Over-Eating Games
And below, an affectionate nod to two of my favorite author friends:
Noise in the Dark
Wish You Weren’t Here


  1. I'm still laughing! And thanks for the nod. :-) My addition: Moby What? A book with a whole chapter devoted to whales.