I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When will I learn to stop making plans?

By Jennie Atkins

Last week my husband and I closed on our new home. A three bedroom ranch out in the country, perfect for what we needed. Our plans were to unload our van with the stuff we’ve been hauling around for the last month, and go shopping for the items we needed to sustain us for the ten days until the pods containing our possessions would be delivered.
My adapted version of Robert Burns famous quote says it all, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often run amuck.” How often have you mapped out your entire day to only have your schedule crumble like a handful of dried leaves on a fall day? I suspect it occurs quite often if your life is anything like mine.
Which in this case is exactly what happened. When we went to the house, papers signed and keys in hand, the sellers were still in the process of moving out! They had put the house on the market six months prior to us buying it and they admitted they left everything to do until the last minute. There were boxes all over the house, piles of discarded items littered the floor, and the refrigerator had yet to be emptied of the leftovers stashed inside a week prior.

As writers, this is what we should do to our characters—take them through the unexpected. Always let their plans fail. In other words, tip their world upside down.
But in real life it’s a little harder to take. Yes we got in our house, albeit two days after we signed the papers, but we’re there now, cleaning out cupboards, washing walls, and getting ready for our furniture--that has been packed away since April--to arrive.
As Christians, it’s nice to know God’s plans never fail.  I won’t have to sit on the curbs made of gold to wait for my mansion in heaven to be built or vacated. I won’t need to clean up after another family because He is making it especially for me. I’d like to think there will be gardens for me to tend and perhaps a bike path nearby. (There I go planning again—you’d think I’d learn.) But whatever it is, I know everything about it will be perfect—unlike my recent move. Why?

Because God is making the plans for me.


  1. I guess it depends on where you're coming from - I have to make plans for a tomorrow 'they' say I will not live to see, because amid a gyre of pain and nausea and blood (don't ask!), there has to be a bright, fixed point in the future.

    My plans. My hope for tomorrow may be the only thing that SEES me through to tomorrow.


  2. Andrew you are so right, but at the same time, we...and I mostly mean I...forget that God's plans are better than ours.

  3. I've been looking forward to reading this--how did I miss seeing it for 2 days? I think the wild run trying to control our "happy" young enthusiastic Husky that meant my run ended in a total wipe out and very sprained right arm affected my brain, too. So glad you're finally in your beautiful place and are making it home. Enjoy, Jenny, and tell us more any time you like!

  4. PS Did you like this to FB, etc? We all want to keep up with you!

  5. Awesome, post Jennie! Such a great reminder for all of us!

  6. Oh Jennie, I love your house! You have a clean slate to create whatever gardens you want! And like Dee, I can't believe I didn't hop over here and check out the blog. It's been a crazy week...maybe not as crazy as yours, but crazy for me. :-)