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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Few Computer Keyboard Commands That Might Save your Wrist...

by Patricia Bradley

I was talking with a friend the other day about ways to keep from having to use a mouse and she suggested that I blog about these short cuts. So here goes: (Note-this is for a PC, not sure about a Mac since I don't have one, but I'm sure there are shortcuts out there)

If you want to cut and paste text, how many of you out there use your mouse to highlight text then look for the scissors at the top of the page, and then use your mouse again to paste it where you want it? That's a lot of gripping of your mouse. 

I learned a long time ago to use keyboard shortcuts instead of a mouse. To highlight text I move my cursor with the shift arrows to the text I want to cut and paste. Then, holding the shift key down I move the cursor with the arrow until the text I want is highlighted. Then I simply hit Ctrl X, find the place I want to move the text and hit Ctrl V (for paste). It saves time and my wrist.

Another shortcut if you want to highlight a whole sentence is to put your cursor at the beginning of the sentence, hold the shift key down and tap end. That will highlight from your cursor to the end of the sentence.

Here are a few shortcuts using the Ctrl button (it's the button on the far left or far right at the bottom of the keyboard)
Control +
A = Select all
E = Center
S = Save
W = Close
D = Font
M = Indent
F = Search or Find
C = Copy
V = Paste
B = Bold
I = Italics
U = Underline
P = Print
X = Cut
Z = Undo

Here are a few shortcuts using the Ctrl + Function keys (those at the top of the keyboard)
Ctrl + 
F2 = Print Preview
F4 = Close window
F5 = Restore window
F6 = Go to next window
F7 = Spell Check
F10 = Maximize
F12 = Save as

I hope you find this useful. There are a lot more short cuts, but these are the ones I use the most. Leave me a comment and let me know if you use shortcuts or not.

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  1. I love this and will save and use lots. Thanks for taking the time. MANY blessings, Dee

  2. It was for you, Dee! So glad I could help. Have fun on you trip!!

  3. I use keyboard shortcuts all the time, they're easy on the wrist! Good information for those who use nothing but a mouse.

    1. So agree, Jennie. I use my keyboard shortcuts more than I use my mouse. lol

  4. I use keyboard shortcuts, too. I have a Mac, and instead of Control, Mac users can use the Command key for the same shortcuts. Thanks for sharing, Pat.

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  6. Yay! Mac users have shortcuts! Now why does that not surprise me? lol. Seriously looking at getting a Mac for my next computer. :-) Thanks for letting me know, Lisa.

  7. I was so used to using a PC keyboard that when I switched to a Mac, I couldn't stand the awkward position of using the command key, so...I went under preferences and made the control key the one that would give me the shortcuts. Unfortunately, ctrl + G, my favorite for going to a page number, doesn't work on the mac, they want an extra key in there that I can never remember.

    But it will work for your PC! I bought a roller mouse pro 2 last year to try to avoid using a mouse, (it's a roller bar that sits below the key board) but I haven't taken the time to train myself to use it, so I end up going back to the mouse. But if your wrist really bothers you, it's worth trying.

    1. Sandra, thanks for the information about the Mac. I'm really torn between getting a Mac and a PC. Hate the thought of having to learn a new system. But a Mac is so cool.

  8. I had to come back just to check out some of those commands again. I use most of them but there were a few that I had never heard of. THANKS PAT!!!