I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Christmas Already?

Hi Friends! 

We've celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas is knocking on our door. Already?  

Where did the year go? I mean it's not like we're busy trying to care for our families while juggling work along with a host of other obligations. I don't know about you, but I carefully plan and pray about goals for the new year. I even chart my course out on a calendar but a couple of items drop by the wayside. It’s kind of like that important note you pin up on the refrigerator but it gradually get’s covered by kid’s artwork or school notices. Ever have that happen?

Around this time, I tend to look at my goals and wonder what went wrong? How did I get so side tracked? Did I accomplish my Goals for 2013?


I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. Instead I’m working on focusing on the positive. For every negative, I'm striving to find a positive -- even if I have to pull out a magnifying glass to find it.

Makes me think of King David. When his back was against the wall and he felt defeated he asked himself,

“Why so downcast oh my soul? Put your trust in God.”

Sounds so simple, yet so difficult. I know God can do the impossible and when I put my trust in Him I have peace.

That’s what I’m striving for as we wrap up 2013--to trust in God and not worry, to be at peace. To know He who began a good work in me (and YOU!) is faithful to complete it.

Just for grins, here were some my 2013 Goals:

1. Pitch at the 2013 ACFW Conference – Check!
2. Spend more time with my children – Check!
3. Give full-time job my all and with a good attitude – umm, okay maybe I get ½ a check for this one.  
4. Lose 10 pounds - okay definitely a minus.
5. Daily Devotional – better than before but not where I want to be, so definitely a ½ check.
6. Finish editing my wip ---minus, but I haven’t given up!

How about you?  What were your successes and your challenges in 2013? What are you trusting God for as you wrap up this year?


  1. Good post, Alena. I have to balance reality with hopefulness, especially when it comes to writing goals.

    Some of my goals for this year:
    Work out 3 days a week: half check
    Write my second book and query it: half check; the book is written, but still in revisions :)
    Be more intentional as a wife and mom: check
    Maintain an accurate perspective (my One Word for 2013): check. I learned a lot this year about keeping a godly perspective and turning my eyes to Jesus during the difficult times. I'm not perfect at it, but definitely growing better at this.

  2. I love the way you've turned negatives into positives. My kinda gal! (Except for the ten-pound tire around my middle is getting me down as I'm dress shopping for my daughter's wedding. Maybe more for our hubbies to love?) My goals and check marks mirror yours. We've both got work to do, but at least we're moving forward. :-)

  3. Funny you should mention this...I plan to sit down this week and make plans for 2014. Oh is it Thursday already? Maybe next week. lol. That's kind of how my goals went last year. Great post, Alena.

  4. Ok, you've motivated me to make a list for the coming year! Thanks!

  5. Sorry I'm late checking in. I'm amazed by how many positives you do tuck into your life and accomplish--and if the seeds haven't borne fruit now, they will soon. I know it!