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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Fickle Dance Partner

Remember in The Sound of Music when Captain von Trapp and Maria danced? When their eyes met, the reality of their love for each other melded their worlds with sparks and fireworks against the indigo backdrop. No matter what happened next--even their country being taken over by a tyrant--nothing could quench their spirits. Their love would endure the test of time and tragedy. As they climbed to the top of the mountain to escape the Nazis--with their six children in tow--you knew on the other side their happily ever after waited to embrace them.

Ahhh ... for that to be the story of our love affair with writing. Our fingers waltzing with words and the eternal embrace of our novel as we hold it tightly to our chests. We may face uphill battles, but with our true love by our side, we will " ... climb every mountain, ford every stream; follow every rainbow, 'til we find our dream!"

And yet, our dance partner is capricious. One moment he pledges his love and the next he ignores us. We try to reason with him, but he throws our dreams in our face and uses our own words against us.

We're pulled, only to be spun around and fly, uncaught by our dance partner, into a bone-crushing heap on the dance floor. And all the while, millions are watching as we crash and burn.

A bit melodramatic, but isn't that the way we feel about our writing sometimes? It's that important to us. Reality is there will be times when you dance. There will be times when you and your partner will hide behind tombstones of dead story ideas, hoping you go unnoticed by those who want to expose and destroy you.

And yes, freedom is usually an uphill climb. But together you and your writing lover will make it up and over to the other side, where freedom abounds. Stay the course. Continue to dance with your fickle partner. In the end, you'll find your dream!

Reba J. Hoffman


  1. You just inspired me to grab that rascal, strike up the band, and MAKE him dance with me! Thanks for your beautiful words of encouragement.

  2. Well, I'm not sure who was refusing to dance last week--me or my WIP. But, no matter. We're dancing this week,even if we're off to a slow start. Sometimes you just have to count the steps--one, two, one, two--until the moves come easily again.
    Thanks, Reebs, for always saying, "You can do it!" just when I need to hear it!

  3. Amazing, Reba, and fun. I'll never think of Sound of Music again without also thinking of you and writing :)

  4. Reebs, you are inspirational! I'm going to try to dance with my thesis for one more week, then I can start to dance with my novel again.

  5. Beautiful post, Reba! Now I must have a chat with my WIP.

    "WIP, shall we dance or shall I run you through the shredder?" ;-)

  6. Reebs, what an encouraging, truth-speaking post. :) Love that scene from Sound of Music and the analogy of dancing. I appreciate the exhortation to keep with the "dancing" with my writing lover until the dance is done (however long it may be). I'll just make sure I'm not the one who is the "fickle partner." Thanks for your words of inspiration!

  7. So, the photo at the top of your post has me laughing...I LOVE the Sound of Music, but I always think the song they sing in the gazebo is hilarious. "Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could. So...somewhere in our youth, or childhood, we must have done something good..." What??

    Okay, done with the laughter. I loved this post. Beautifully written and inspirational, too. Thanks, Reebs!

  8. I loved the illustration of the Sound of Music!
    Great post!

  9. Reebs,
    Thanks so much. Exactly what I need to hear. I'm gonna grab my rascally wip and get him dancing with me slow or not..

    Alena T.