I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Monday, March 21, 2016

Are We Snobs...or Unique?

Just give me mine black.

Oh no, I want mine with a touch of honey.

Yuck! No sweet things, but give me a bit of cream.

Well, not just any cream, I’ll take mine with hazelnut. No, no, no. Vanilla cream.

Seriously folks. Doctor it up any way you wish, but make sure it’s Gevalia.

Gevalia? No, thanks, I drink Keurig with a different flavor every morning, depending on my mood.

Oh, just let me grab a Starbucks on my way.

 Nope, no way. If you want coffee, invest in a Williams-Sonoma machine. (And yes, between the Smith family members, we have all of these.)

So what’s the deal with Americans and their coffee? Are we just a bunch of spoiled folks who have to have it our way?

Or could it be that God Himself made us with different tastes, and personal experiences that influenced us?

After all we don’t have the same preferences in clothes. Some like flamboyant styles, some more sedate.

And books, yes, let’s go there.  Sweet romances only? No, a romantic suspense, please. Don’t think so. Let’s go thriller!

 Are you kidding me? None of that fiction stuff, I want only non-fiction. Oh, are we going there? Well, then give me science books. Nope, at least give me a story of history if it has to be non-fiction. Come on. Serious times mean serious reading: we need to delve into books about the Bible.

Wait. Hold on. Time out.

Is it possible that God intended all of the above? If every snowflake viewed under the microscope is different, then maybe the Lord meant each of us to be different too. We’re not carbon copies. Even our very DNA is individual. Special. Distinct.

And that’s the way it’s supposed to be. So grab your very own variety of coffee and pick up that book no one else in your family cares to read.  Have at it. God planned it this way.

So what's your preference in coffee? How about books? Let's discuss!


  1. I get up each morning and grind Starbucks Italian Roast beans and put two scoops in my Kerug filter along with a dash of hazelnut. Then I add a dash of Bailey's French vanilla...mmm...good! :-) I usually drink two 20 oz Yeti's of coffee each morning. Great post, Teri!!

    1. That sounds like a special kind of unique, Pat! I guess that special mix is helping you write awesome books!!

  2. No coffee for me, as hard as I've tried to like it. Sweet tea. Or Barq's root beer. Or ice cold Mt. Dew. Or...basically hand me a cup full of sugar and I'm good. ;)

    1. "No coffee" is fine too. It's awesome that God made us different.

  3. I love this, it refreshed me, and I am a big-time coffee aficionado--Starbucks by preference, dark roast. Yes, our individualities are fun, important, refreshing. And writing voices, too. God wrote the Bible through varying prophets using their voice and color to shape what He wanted expressed. It's still that way. God bless the unique voice of every precious Ponderer. Thank you, Teri

    1. Love that, Delores! It's pretty awesome when you think of the variety God used in penning His Word. Lowly fishermen to rich kings. Scholars and "uneducated". And even if you didn't know the exact author, sometimes you could make a good guess by the voice. Somehow "your love is better than wine" just doesn't sound like the apostle Paul.