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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Living the Dream

By Patricia Bradley

As I opened up a new document to write this blog post, I realized it would be my last Ponderer post for the year. A sobering thought. So I pondered what I might say about 2014. January and February were the most exciting but also the most painful months I’ve ever lived.

On February 5th, my book, Shadows of the Past, debuted seven days after I turned 69. It was the same day my mother was buried. God had promised me she would hold my book in her hands and she did—it came in the mail to her on January 13th.  She was even able to read a chapter or two before she became so ill.

At the same time, I signed a contract with Harlequin for two Heartwarming books. Matthew’s Choice came out in September.  A month later A Promise to Protect, the second in the Logan Point series released. That’s when it hit me that I am living my dream.

I think that’s what I want to leave you with—living your dream and what it means. The time from February until now has been filled with writing. I have worked on 5 books this year, and as 2015 stares me in the face, I have an April deadline for two of them. And Gone Without a Trace releases July 15. Living your dream can be a lot of hard work, so you may want to be careful what you pray for. J

If I’d realized exactly how much work was going to be involved would I have been as excited in 2012 when Revell offered me a contract? You bet. I’ve never been happier in my life. It took me thirty-four years to get here. That was hard work as well, writing and not knowing if anyone would ever see my stories.

I’m often asked what piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to be a writer, and I always say the same thing. Learn the craft and don’t give up--you never get too old to live your dream. Write the best story you know how and depend on God to get it published. Yeah, I know that’s four pieces of advice.

Merry Christmas! And may 2015 be your year to be published! 

Leave a comment and tell me what your dream is.

Patricia Bradley
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I asked God to give me patience and He gave me a book to write.


  1. Congratulations, Pat!

    I'm living the dream, for certain. 26 dogs have a happy home in which they are loved.

    How can life get any better?


    1. I know your puppies are in a wonderful place. And there's nothing quite like the love of a dog. Unless it's the rare kitty someone might get like mine. She's a lot like a dog in the way she plays and wants me to love on her. So glad you stopped by!

  2. So good to hear and see/feel you living it. Congrats at every level. You're a trailblazer and I'm "keeping on keeping on" in hopes more of mine will come to print before I get much older. Thanks for a great post & Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks Dee! Next year will be your year! I feel it in my heart.

  4. I've had an interesting year as far as publication goes. At the beginning of the year I was offered two separate contracts by small presses, and signed with one. I began marketing in earnest, but by July my small press went bankrupt and my dreams were dashed. I must say God has used it, and I see good things coming. I'm hopeful for a new journey in 2015.

  5. Brie, I'm hopeful for a better experience in publishing for you next year! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. What a wonderful encouragement!