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Friday, October 14, 2011

Pondering The Write Technology

Technology. Ugh!

My move to Nevada has put me into the black hole of Internet access. Ugh!

I live just outside of Carson City. In fact, the only thing dividing me from the actual city limits is a mountain. You’d think I moved into either the middle of the Bonneville Salt Flats or some third world country! My only option? Get a new cell phone with wireless access.

Now the fun begins!

Is that what you call it? Really? Who would have thought twenty years ago that our phones could take pictures, send emails, and clean our house? Oh, it doesn’t clean our house? Bummer. Well, give it time.

Technology is growing at an unheard pace. If we could track its velocity in miles per hour, it would rival the land speed record or maybe break the sound barrier!

Everyday a new software application is developed. (I’m still hoping for the one that cleans my house.) You can find apps to help you balance your checkbook, find your car in a parking lot, and burn fat. Although its guaranteed, I highly question the last one. (You set your phone on your tummy while you watch TV and it causes you to flex your stomach muscles.) Somehow I don’t think it’s going to turn me into Demi Moore. Personally, I’d rather flex my muscles by hauling a bag of books to the beach. But even that has succumbed to the invasion of technology. My cherished novels have been reduced to specks on a silicon chip.

Change is also affecting hardware, you know the pieces parts that make up your computer. Every year hardware is created at a fraction of the size of its predecessor. When I started my career in Information Technology, computers had a room number. Now, the memory that those machines used can be held on the tip of your finger.

The hardest part is keeping up with it all. As writers, we are not geeks. Our speech isn’t dotted with computer acronyms or works like ram, gigabytes, or nanoseconds, but we use computers daily. Some of us, me included, find it hard to keep up with the changes to our favorite software programs. Who didn’t spend time looking for their favorite options in Word when Microsoft moved everything to the toolbar at the top and categorized them? Very few.

The next generation is already growing up knowing more than us because of the vast resources at their fingertips. And who would have thought that networking would be reduced to entries in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

Our world is changing. Gone is the handwritten note, the manuscript punched out on a Royal typewriter, and our memories! I should say my memory. I could once recite everyone’s phone number by heart. Now I remember very few. All because they are stored in the memory of my phone. But computers are here to stay. They are in our cars, our phones, our refrigerators and our lives.

So why am I pondering this now? Starting in January's MBT Ezine, I will be heading up a technical column called The Write Technology. My vision is to talk about the things that writers struggle with when it comes to their computers and associated software. I'd like to show you tips and tricks, review writing software, and have a periodic grab bag of questions.

So to start me off, what question(s) do you have when it comes to computers? What areas would you like to see addressed? How would this column benefit you the most? What subjects would you like to see covered? If you don't have anything at this moment, but think of something later, you can always send your questions to me at the email address below.
Happy computing everyone!

Jennie Atkins


  1. I think ... no, I know that you column is going to be ve-ery popular, Jennie!
    One thing I think of is just a nice basic glossary of techy terms.
    Start there, because sometimes just the terms trip this non-techy gal up.

  2. Jennie, loved this post. I'd love a computer/cell phone that cleans my house too. I giggled when I read that. :)

    I don't have any questions right now, but I'll hold onto your e-mail address for when they come up. I'm not a very techy person, so I'll definitely be tuning into your articles to learn. :)

  3. Great post, Jennie! I can't think of questions off the top of my head. (Not because I'm such a tech genius. Moreso, probably because I haven't finished my morning coffee yet!) But I'll be sure to check out your column when it debuts. Thanks for sharing your expertise! (And p.s., so fun to see you at ACFW!!)

  4. Jennie, you're the right girl for this job, that's for sure!! No internet access at your home??? Oh, me oh my! You'll be like Susie.

    Question: What qualities should a writer look for when choosing a computer? How much space/RAM/GB should we consider?

  5. Hey Jennie! Great post...and when you get that app that cleans your house be sure and send it to me!

    It'd be great to see something on the different programs...i.e. Schrivners versus others like it, also which of the mind-mapping programs work best. Looking forward to reading your column!

  6. Fabulous post, Jennie and I can't wait to read your new column! And I really, really can't wait until the day my phone cleans my house!

  7. Beth,
    Thanks for the idea! I definitely will include that as one of my articles!

  8. Jeanne, Thanks! Maybe I should write that program myself! I'm sure it would be a big hit!

  9. Melissa, It was so good to see you at ACFW as well. I really needed face time with all my P friends!

  10. Lisa,
    Thanks for the idea. I'm hoping to purchase another computer in the next year or so, so I will pass on my experience first hand.

    To think I'm 10 minutes from downtown Carson City and I can't get internet! Ugh!

  11. Pat,
    Thank you for your idea. I did consider reviewing writing software periodically. I'd like to do it for myself as well!

  12. Roxanne, Yep. I'll make millions with that app, won't I? LOL