I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with his godly people. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Psalm 111:1-2 NLT

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The. kitten.I'm.not.keeping. aka Mazie

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Summertime in Mississippi means hot temperatures and air so thick you can stir it with a spoon. Last Friday was no exception. By ten a.m., you could fry sausage on the sidewalk. Ignoring the heat, I drove to the local Dollar General to buy a couple of birthday cards.
I left with a kitten. The.kitten.I'm.not.keeping.

I'd heard the loud mews when I entered the store, but couldn't locate the source. Still heard the mews when I came out and got into my car, but again, didn't see anything that resembled a kitten. Not that I tried very hard.

When I pulled out into the street, for some odd reason I glanced back at the store. And right where my car had been parked squatted a pitiful, black and white kitten struggling to get to its feet. My heart sank. The temperature on the pavement had to be at least 110 degrees.

I turned around and went back, found a box and took the kitten home. To die, I thought. But at least it wouldn't be on a hot parking lot. By mid-afternoon both of the kitten's eyes had swollen shut. She wouldn't eat or drink so I fed her soy milk and water with a dropper. I didn't expect her to be alive when I awoke the next morning.

She surprised me. She even had one eye opened. I posted the kitten's story to the Ponderers- my writing friends and the other contributors on this blog. Immediately a cry went up to name her. Something with Ponder in it and of course, Susie May...

Noooo! I can't name this.kitten.I'm.not.keeping..

By afternoon she even drank a little soy milk from a saucer. She seemed most comfortable when I held her. So, I held her, and she wrapped her paws around my wrist. And I prayed for this little creature God had created. Bit by bit, she improved and wrapped her little paws around my heart.

This morning as I talked with God, I asked Him why He put this kitten in my life. He knows I travel a lot, and I'm too busy for a cat. His answer came immediately. Joy. I gave her to you that you may have joy.

May Ponder (named after Susan May Warren and the Ponderers) will be called Mazie, because as Susie May says, "Every heroine needs a nickname." Mazie is also short for Amazing Grace-it's the only reason she's here.

Pat Trainum

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  1. Mazie, Mazie, Mazie . . .
    She's brought so much into FOCUS, hasn't she?
    I too love this cat.you.are.not.keeping, Pat.

  2. Yes! This deal with Mazie reminds me of my characters who take over the story! lol

  3. Oh, i love this post! Welcome to the Ponderers Mazie-May! You're a good soul, Pat. :)

  4. I love how God answers prayers. May Mazie bring you much Joy. You definitely need to use that story in a novel. Talk about endearing the reader to the character. :)

  5. Mazie has received Susie's blessing. It's a sign, I tell you. A sign!

  6. My daughter says, and I quote, "He's so cute! I want him! He's so cute!"
    And Mazie must stay with you, Pat. We have 2 dogs and a cat already.

  7. SO cute. I love Mazie. Pat, next year can you smuggle her in to the MBT Deep Thinkers Retreat in Florida? We Ponderers must meet the kitten.I.hope.Pat.still.has.

  8. Let's see...you:
    - rescued a precious little life that could not save herself from certain death
    - love her unconditionally
    - cared for her when she couldn't care for herself
    - fed her just enough to sustain her until she could seek the food herself
    - receive joy from the life you saved

    Hmmm. Sounds so familiar. There's an illustration here, I'm sure of it. Now what could it be? Wait, wait, it'll come to me... :-)

  9. I found this blog from the loop on Midwest ACFW...yay I'm glad this is working you can find mine at http://cheryleklund.blogspot.com

    I will continue to check back and find insperation from you wonderful women.

  10. Thanks Cheryl! Welcome to the fun!

  11. Welcome, Cheryl! Look forward to visiting your blog!

  12. Welcome, Mazie! Just for fun you might like to know I suggested naming her Ponder May, but it was Delores who suggested reversing the names to May Ponder, as in permission to ponder.

    Too late, Susie, you already gave your blessing.

  13. Pat your I.don't.want.to.keep.the.cat kitten is so cute and the story is so wonderful - you ought to write it in your next or current story!

    Cheryl - thanks for stopping in!

  14. Ava, I think you're right. The story does sound familiar.

    Cheryl, welcome! I'll head over to check out your blog.

  15. Very sweet story! Love the kitten's name!

    (Hi ladies!)

    Okay, I'm done with the exclamation points, lol.

  16. Been thinking about using Mazie's story in my, maybe not next book, but the one after that. I have a heroine who made a terrible mistake that hurt many people, and I've been trying to think of a way to show she has a good heart before they discover what she's done in the past. I think saving Mazie is exactly what she would do. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.

  17. Good idea, Pat. There's a book on screenwriting called "Save the Cat" that says to do just that.

    We allow exclamation points here, Marcie. Although I do sometimes tell my daughter she's used her quota for the month if she puts something like this on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pat, I loved this post! I'm pondering reluctant compassion--how the Lord uses even our reluctance, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. For the record, I hope you DO keep Mazie--hers is a story worth sharing. :) Thanks so much for pointing my thoughts towards compassion. :)

  19. Pat, I truly love the developments of The Cat You Will Not Keep (or Name or Feed) but which may keep you.... I Ponder what her (and your) final outcome will be.

  20. Marcie popped by the MBT Ponderers blog! She's a Frasier finalist you know--she brings some class to the blog.

  21. Jeanne: "Reluctant compassion."
    I like the way you put that.
    Hhhmmm, are you a write, perchance?

  22. You bring some Frasier finalist class too, Beth!

  23. Thank you, Teri, Ms. Genesis Finalist. And M-Tagg, the double finalist!

  24. Pat-

    1) denial, you haz it.
    2) if you were to use said not.staying.with.you. kitty in book ( next one? you're already thinking long term.. justsayin... )then said kitty could also be a business expense, no?
    3) Every writer needs a cat. We're like witches with words- minus the devil and the bad complexion....:P

  25. Pat, that's the sweetest story! And no fear about traveling. Cats are fantastic roommates, because they don't require being walked three times a day. Just leave out plenty of food and several bowls of water and a fresh litter box, and she'll be fine when you're away. Oh, and leave on a radio in one room of the house, so she'll have "company" of some sort. That has always worked well for my cats.

    Bless you, Mazie!


  26. Thanks Renee. Hey everyone, Renee is one of my critique partners from ACFW. Glad you stopped by.

  27. Mazie, Mazie,
    you've won my heart so true
    darling kitty
    what else could I do?

    May little Mazie give you lots of joy and plenty to ponder, Pat. ;)



  28. Pat,

    First of all, I loved this. We have four cats, so needless to say I am a full blown cat person. (I can neither confirm not deny that I am currently lobbying for a fifth.) Your story brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. So sweet.

    Secondly, at the risk of sounding like The Crazy Cat Lady who lives in That house at the end of the street, let me just say that cats are the Purrfect pet. (Ew, I know...bad pun...I apologize profusely.) They are independent enough for people who travel a lot but affectionate enough to bring you that joy God told you about.

    Congrats to Mazie on finding you to wrap around her little paw. She will be a fantastic companion. And, you can brainstorm out loud to her without feeling like you are talking to yourself. Epic win!! =)

  29. Renee's so right about cats, they pick you and that's that! (They also don't have owners; they have STAFF!) BUT, if you insist on anthropomorphizing her, since she might get "lonely" while you are away, the Corinth Animal Shelter is less than 5 miles from your house, (hint, hint) and two felines could open ALL sorts of possibilities for your next book after this one...I'm just sayin'. However you decide to proceed, kudos on being a good Samaritan. By the way, you.may.not.keep.her.but.she.told.me.to.tell.you.,

  30. Sigh* I give up. Yes.I.am.keeping.Mazie. She is such a sweetie. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!